How Many Times a Week Does Your Family Eat Salads?

Lunch planning these last two weeks has been a real challenge. And while preparing a meal for your daughter who is a pescetarian is often a challenge, the recent recall of romaine lettuce has made things even more difficult. With only 35 minutes for high school lunch, your youngest daughter is following the tradition of her older sister and bring friends home for lunch. This time around, however, you are navigating the difficulties of preparing two separate meals every day. Even when you come up with meatless options for the rest of her friends, your daughter simply wants to eat an avocado and a salad.

When the grocery stores had to pull all of the romaine lettuce earlier this month, however, you were forced to get very creative. Fortunately, your local grocer sells a number of organic micro greens. You had not used them in the past, but they served a purpose as you were making salads on the days when your daughter still wanted to eat salads for her noon meal.

Adding Organic Micro Greens to Your Salad Can Help Add Color, Taste, and VAriety

As the nation finally recovers from the recall of romaine lettuce during the last months, there are a number of families and restaurants that may have spent more time trying out other products like true leaf microgreens and other kind of tasty and safe substitutes.

Even though there are many uses for microgreens, some people may have not used them in the past because of the cost. The recent time span when people could not purchase romaine lettuce, however, provided the perfect opportunity for many chefs and home cooks alike to experiment. Some families and diners may have found that they love this alternative and may continue to add these microgreens into their other traditional salads.

Although microgreens have been around for 20 to 30 years, they seem to making their ways onto more restaurant menus and family dinner tables than in the past. In fact, there are many trends that were once only common in fine dining establishments that are making their way into our homes. More affordable than eating out, many home cooks are trying to incorporate organic micro greens, edible flower petals, and other items into their weekly mean planning. The upscale segment of the restaurant industry might only make up 10% of total U.S. restaurant sales, but many of its trends make their way into other kinds of restaurants, as well as home cooked meals.

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