• How Many Times a Week Does Your Family Eat Salads?

    Lunch planning these last two weeks has been a real challenge. And while preparing a meal for your daughter who is a pescetarian is often a challenge, the recent recall of romaine lettuce has made things even more difficult. With only 35 minutes for high school lunch, your youngest daughter is following the tradition of her older sister and bring friends home for lunch. This time around, however, you are navigating the difficulties of preparing two separate meals every day. Even when you come up with meatless options for the rest of her friends, your daughter simply wants to eat an avocado and a salad.
    When the grocery stores had to pull all of the romaine lettuce earlier this month, however, you were forced to get very creative. Fortunately, your local grocer sells a number of organic micro greens. You had not used them in the past, but they served a purpose as you were making salads on the days when your daughter still wanted to eat salads for her noon meal.
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  • Beautiful, Dainty And Artistic Edible Flowers And Herb Crystals

    Microgreens wholesale

    What makes a food dish truly stand out? Some would say it’s the flavor that keeps them coming back for more, dancing on their tongue long after their plate has become empty. Others would emphasize the presentation and artistic approach of the dish, no doubt enhanced by Instagram culture. When it comes to the final touch that transforms a plate from beautiful to stunning, look no further than herb crystals and edible flowers. These lovely and dainty microgreens have been much beloved by restaurants around the world and are used to accentuate and enhance many a flavorful dish.

    History Of Microgreens

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