Here are 3 Reasons to Offer Burgers and Shakes at Your Restaurant

When you open up your own restaurant, one of the most important details is deciding what type of food will be on the menu. There are literally tens of thousands of restaurants all over the country, with a wide spectrum of cuisines represented. If you’re not sure where to start with your restaurant’s menu, consider serving a basic menu that includes burgers and shakes. There are several reasons you should offer burgers and shakes at your restaurant and this article will look at a few of them.

  • Hamburgers are an Incredibly Popular Food Choice: One reason to offer burgers and shakes at your restaurant is because they are a very popular food choice. It’s no secret that Americans love eating hamburgers. It’s estimated that Americans eat 14 billion hamburgers each year. By offering burgers and shakes on your menu, you’re offering a simple meal choice that will appeal to a lot of customers. Hamburgers can be paired with a number of sides, including French fries or coleslaw, and the shake provides the diner with a tasty dessert after their meal.
  • Having an “Authentic” Burger Can Build Your Restaurant’s Reputation: Another reason to offer burgers and shakes is because doing so can build up your restaurant’s reputation. While almost 8 percent of all restaurants in the United States are burger joints, there’s no reason that should stop you from building up a great restaurant with burgers and shakes on the menu. For example, if you become known for serving authentic hamburgers, meaning hamburgers that are made by hand and not shipped in frozen, you can build up a reputation for having the best burgers in town.
  • Burgers are Ideal for Casual Dining: A third reason to offer burgers and shakes at your restaurant is because hamburgers are ideal for casual dining. Over 30 percent of Americans visit casual dining establishments once a week, because the food is simple, tasty, and able to be prepared quickly. If you offer burgers and shakes at your restaurant, you’ll turn your establishment into a haven for customers in search of casual dining.

In conclusion, there are several reasons to offer burgers and shakes on your restaurant’s menu. These include hamburgers being an incredibly popular food choice, hamburgers can increase your restaurant’s reputation, and burgers are ideal for casual dining because they can be quickly prepared. Keep these reasons in mind when you are building your restaurant’s menu and you should be able to create a menu that is popular with many customers.

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