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Today, wine stands as one of the world’s most popular beverages alongside beer, tea, coffee, and plain water. Made of fermented grapes, wine and champagne are popular around the world and some brands of wine are famous for both their age and reliable quality. Some people may think of wine as a wealthy person’s drink, probably based on the considerable prices of some brands or rare bottles. But while there are indeed some very expensive wines out there, a lot of today’s wine is very much accessible and easy to find for a fair price, and a buyer may look into the price of Claret wine, for example, when considering wine brands. The price of Claret wine may vary somewhat, but the price of Claret wine could be factored into wedding prep, for example, since wine is a popular drink at weddings. Wine companies can be found in many parts of Europe and the United States, and searching “wineries near me” may be quite helpful. What is there to know about the price of Claret wine or ordering bottles of this drink?

Wine Today

Plenty of statistics are being kept to track what Americans like to eat and drink, and the numbers show that wine is as popular as ever, if not more so. As of 2015, USA Today stated that Millennials (young adults born 1982-1995) consumed some 159.6 million cases of wine in that year, and that made up 42% of all wine consumption in that year. In the next year, 2016, more statistics about wine consumption were revealed, and 949 million gallons of wine in total were consumed by Americans. This averaged out to 2.94 gallons of wine per person, and Millennials are quite fond of this drink. They spend more money per bottle than any other generation, even more than their Baby Boomer parents. The numbers show that of all Millennials who drank wine more than once per week, they consumed 3.1 glasses on average per sitting.

Studies also show that women in particular enjoy wine, and they named it as their number one favorite alcoholic beverage, topping even beer. Many people like to consume wine during dinner or a celebration, or during New Year’s or at a wedding. Wines may be red or white and come in a dazzling variety of flavors, and red wine proves to be slightly more popular than white wine. But all the same, an interested drinker may find wine at a local winery or even order it online. And it is also possible to have wine catered for an event such as a wedding, a popular time for this drink.

Get the Wine

France and Italy are well established as the center of wine production in the world, with some French and Italian brands being centuries old. The United States has earned its place as the third largest wine producer, and though American wines don’t have the long-standing reputation or history of European brands, American wine proves popular all the same. The state of California has the lion’s share of American wineries, around 90% of them, though nearly every American state has at least one. But California’s size and climate and terrain makes it an ideal place for vineyards, and a native there or a tourist may find many wineries and brands all around them.

Someone who lives close to a winery may enjoy a tour there, and they may of course choose from many different wine brands produced there to take home with them. A guest may also get their hand on accessories such as a corkscrew, wine totes, and more.

Meanwhile, other Americans order wine online, and they may do this if they don’t live near a winery that produces their preferred brands or flavors. In this case, a customer may place their order and expect a truck to deliver that wine to a nearby warehouse. Wine suffers from heat, so once wine arrives at a warehouse, crew members there may move the wine into an on-site cooler to protect it. The customer will then be notified, and they may pick it up. If wine is indeed delivered right to the house, law requires that someone is present to sign for it, since it is an alcoholic product.

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