Behind The Frozen Treats Of The United States

From frozen yogurt cups to the ice cream buffet to gelato cups, there are a great many different types of frozen desserts to choose from, found all throughout the United States. This variety, of course, is quite perfect for the summer months, when indulging in some type of frozen treat can be a great way to combat the heat of the long days and months. For many people, this will involve frozen yogurt cups.

After all, frozen yogurt and the frozen yogurt cups they come in are most certainly more widely available than ever before. As a matter of fact, there are more than 2,000 shops serving frozen yogurt cups all throughout the country. They are often provided in a buffet style, meaning that you fill your frozen yogurt cups with the types of fro yo you desire, then put any number of available toppings on them as well. In most cases, the price of these frozen yogurt cups will be judged by weight, making it a great cost effective option for many. Frozen yogurt cups, though they can certainly be decadent, can also be made to be quite a bit healthier than your typical ice cream cup would be – though still delicious and refreshing on the hottest of days.

Of course, sometimes you want to really indulge and frozen yogurt cups just won’t cut it. In these cases, you might consider gelato. Gelato, now found in many places throughout the world, has become more and more popular in the United States in recent years. It’s a product that is very similar to ice cream, but that differs in a number of ways. For one thing, gelato is typically much more dense. This is because, while ice cream will incorporate up to 50% air in the churning process, gelato only includes around 25% air in this process – and no more than 30% air at the very most. Therefore, even though gelato will have no more than 8% milk fat, it is still a dessert that tastes incredibly rich indeed. And gelato comes in many flavors as well, much in the way that ice cream does.

Sometimes, however, you’ll just want ice cream, going back to your roots. After all, most of us grew up with ice cream and still enjoy it – very much – to this day. Ice cream is a classic dessert, and one that is easily found all throughout the country. For instance, buying ice cream at your local grocery store will be quite easy indeed. After all, keeping ice cream in your fridge at all times is very common indeed – something that even up to 87% of all families do throughout the entirety of the year. For 90% of families in this country, enjoying ice cream is something that is done on a regular basis, and can even be an important aspect of family bonding that is not to be underestimated. With more than one and a half billion gallons of ice cream produced and consumed on a yearly basis, there is no denying that the supply of ice cream in this country is a plentiful one, to say the very least.

Of course, going out to an ice cream shop can also be a delightful experience. At a shop, you’ll be able to indulge in flavors that might not be offered at your typical grocery store. In addition to this, you’ll be able to experience the overall ambiance of an ice cream parlor, something that many people find quite pleasant indeed. For some people, going out to get ice cream is a great way to enjoy a beautiful summer evening and night out with their family members or friends – or even a combination of the two. Frozen yogurt shops are also more popular than ever before, as too are locations selling gelato. Therefore, there are likely to be no shortage of places in your area where you can get one type of frozen treat or another.

At the end of the day, ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt are all quite wildly and widely popular throughout the entirety of the United States and even far beyond it.

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