Considerations For Bee Keeping

Bees are immensely important and only growing more and more so as time passes on. After all, bees pollinate our crops. In addition to this, they produce a wide variety of products that we consume and use for various other purposes (such as even medicinal ones). Our bees matter, as do the bees all throughout the rest of the world as well. Without any bees around, the world be in dire straits – and would be a different place quite entirely, to say the very least.

And there are actually a good number of bees out there. It’s honey bees that we rely on the most, and honey bees that help to keep the world functioning as it should be. And honey bees, all things considered, are really actually quite impressive. In fact, they can actually fly up to 15 miles per hour, far faster than the average person might think possible. But it’s true, and this means that honey bees can get a tremendous amount of work done.

Take, for instance, the pollination of our crops, something that is so hugely essential to their growth and well being. In just one year, bees alone will end up pollinating as much as $15 million worth of crops – and that’s just in the United States, let alone elsewhere throughout the world where honey bees also live and thrive. In fact, up to 30% of all crops grown will be directly dependent on bees to thrive and grow, as will up to 90% of all wild plants in this country and even beyond it. And when it comes to honey, the average honey bee alone is able to produce up to one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey. This might not seem like all that much to the average person but, in comparison to the size of your average honey bee and its average lifespan, it really and truly is.

And we use honey quite a bit in our everyday lives, perhaps more than you even actually realize. From raw organic honey to pure royal jelly to honey vinegar and honey candy, honey can be transformed into a wide variety of products. In fact, the average person currently living in the United States will actually consume nearly one and a half pounds of honey over the course of just one single year – a truly immense amount, to say the very least.

We can even eat bee pollen, which can bring a number of health benefits upon consumption. In fact, bee pollen is designed to be food for young bees, making it rich in protein as well as in amino acids. When organic bee pollen capsules are taken, the organic bee pollen benefits can be seen even in humans. Therefore, organic bee pollen powder and other such bee pollen products are becoming more and more frequently used – as well as easier to buy, too.

Of course, beekeeping has become an incredibly important profession, what with all of the ways that bees are integral to the way that we lead our lives. And with the number of human managed bee colonies the highest it’s been over the past couple of decades (according to data that was gathered back in 2014), the number of beekeepers is on the rise. In order to properly keep bees, however, you’ll need a number of different types of gear and equipment.

The bee hive smoker, of course, is part of any beekeeping kit. The bee hive smoker will make it safe to work among the bees – and a bee hive smoker will be particularly essential for use when you’re actually working within the hives. Without a bee hive smoker, the bees in question are likely to become agitated and aggressive, something that will be to the detriment of the beekeeper as well as to the bees themselves. Therefore, every beekeeper should have at least one bee hive smoker, if not many a bee hive smoker, just in case it ever becomes necessary.

And the bee hive smoker is not the only beekeeping tool necessary. In addition to the bee hive smoker, the average beekeeper will also need everything from beekeeping gloves to the standard beekeeper hat. Fortunately, these tools are easy to come by.

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