Coffee Keeps Us Awake And Has Health Benefits

Step onto any street with pedestrian traffic and you will notice a very common theme: a hot, steamy cup of coffee. Forget energy drinks, this caffeinated beverage has been the preferred drink for many employees. In fact, 50 percent of American citizens 18 and over, consume this delicious coffee bean flavored water.

From Bean To Brew

Making coffee is identical to the process of making tea. By taking a hot cup of water and letting a bag of tea sit in it, the hot water extracts the flavor of the tea. Coffee machines utilize the same process, but with coffee beans.

Grab a cup of coffee from a generic box and chances are you are drinking Robusta coffee. Arabica and Robusta are considered the two most widely used kinds of coffee. However, if you stop by any specialty coffee shops, chances are good that you are consuming the Arabica kind of coffee.

What Coffee Does For Us

Employees all over the country rely on coffee as their go-to drink of choice during the day. Soda has a lot of sugar, and energy drinks can make you crash. Neither have much in the way of choices when it comes to what ingredients go in them. But if you took something like black coffee, coffee that has not had any sugar added, nor was their creamer or flavors added, and compare its potency to soda and energy drinks, neither can compete.

It is no wonder we see employees drink a cup of coffee three times a day, with nine ounce cups. It lines up with normal work schedules–one in the morning, one at lunch and the final cup during afternoon hours. Can you imagine what the work place would be like if employees and your co-workers did not have their cup of joe? Not to mention coffee shops would probably go out of business.

But it does not stop there.

Surprisingly, coffee even has health benefits. Who would have thought? A recent study found a connection between Alzheimer’s, and dementia, and individuals who drink coffee. The study’s data shows that an individual’s cognitive decline from aging can be prevented, or at the very least at a slower rate, if they drink between three to five cups of coffee every day. Altogether leading to Alzheimer’s and dementia decreasing in individuals by 65 percent.

Which means it is never too late to grab yourself a few boxes of coffee from your nearest coffee shops or order coffee beans online.

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