• How To Plan Your Next Night Out

    If you’re looking to get out for the night, you are certainly not alone. After all, more than 60% (around 65%, as a matter of fact) of all social media conversations are focused around finding the right restaurant. In the course of just one single year, an average American person will even spend up to $2,500 on going to various restaurant locations. And not only do we spend a lot of money on food, but on alcohol as well, from craft cocktails to whiskey to beer and wine. Bars do a lot of business, as do liquor stores and restaurants that serve alcohol. After all, more than one quarter of the population states that they drink wine on a daily basis.

    But why is getting out so very important in the first place? For one thing, many people really dislike cooking, with up to half of the population of American adults even stating that they so much as hate it. In addition to this, most of us are juggling a great many responsibilities at just about any point in time. Having to deal with our Continue Reading

  • Here are 3 Items You’ll Need in Your Coffee Shop

    Coffee has been a popular drink in the United States for many years, and will probably continue to be so for the foreseeable future. 50% of the population, equivalent to 150 million Americans, drink varieties of coffee including espresso, cappuccino, latte, or iced coffees. With coffee being so popular, if you run a coffee shop of any kind it’s important to have all of the right items for customers in your shop. Most customers that go into a coffee shop like to take their orders on the go, so you’ll need the right supply items. This article will take a look at several supply items you’ll need to have in your coffee shop.

    • Paper to Go Coffee Cups: One supply item that you’ll definitely need in your coffee shop is paper to go coffee cups. These can be ordered wholesale and customized with a variety of designs, and allow customers to pick up their coffee order and take it on their way as soon as it’s ready. Not only that, but paper to go coffee cups can also be decorated with Continue Reading
  • Using True Leaf Microgreens to Enhance and Elevate Your Home Cooking

    One of the many pleasures in life can be the pleasure that comes from being able to whip up exquisite delicacies at your home kitchen. Cooking at home can be an immensely rewarding and fulfilling experience if you hone your skills, understand your ingredients, and experiment with quizzing from different parts of the world. Developing a refined palate can also be instrumental in this journey. Equipping your home kitchen with the right tools and appliances can be an essential part of this. However, the most important aspect of being able to transform into an excellent home cook is to understand different kinds of ingredients and developing the ability to use them properly in order to elevate and transform your dishes.

    When it comes to home cooking, interesting and exciting ingredients can definitely be used in order to take your cooking to a new level. With the passage of time, more and more interesting ingredients have become available for home cooks to experiment with. This is op Continue Reading

  • A Look At The Well Functioning Coffee Shop

    Independent coffee shops are thriving all throughout the United States, bringing in a collective $12 billion on an annual basis. And in the years that are ahead of us, this number is only likely to continue to climb to climb. After all, there are a great many ways for a coffee shop to be a smoothly running organization.

    First of all, having high quality drip coffee is, as you might have already guessed, a great place to start things out. After all, up to nearly one third of this country’s total population will at least drink coffee somewhat regularly, if not every day. And up to half of the population in this country actually WILL drink coffee each and every day. Therefore, having a selection of drip coffee always on hand is likely to go a great ways towards making the typical coffee shop quite successful indeed.

    In addition to this, the right offerings need to be given for this drip coffee – namely, cream and sugar. After all, only around 35% of all coffee drinkers actually Continue Reading

  • How Switching to a Water Dispenser can Have an Impact on Your Life

    Many of us often find ourselves surrounded by water bottles in the home or in the office — it’s become an epidemic of sorts in common living spaces. It may come as no surprise then, that each year water consumption goes up by 10 percent. This should be considered positively, as water is necessary for life to thrive.

    Water only becomes a problem then when it has a harmful impact on the environment, which is the case when it comes to bottled water. We can gain from our water-drinking experiences when we consider getting a water cooler for home or office spaces. With a cleaner conscious and a convenient mean to stay hydrated, water coolers are a viable option that any American could gain from.

    How Bottles Can be Harmful

    As mentioned, the world’s water consumption has gone up drastically throughout the years, and in that sense the world has also began to use more water bottles. Water bottles can be safely disposed when they’re recycled; the problem with tha Continue Reading

  • Here are 3 Benefits of Ordering Your Wine Online

    Wine is a popular alcoholic beverage across the United States, and has been for years. There are over 7,700 wineries across the country, in all of the 50 states. While many still buy their wine directly from the winery, even more are beginning to order their wine online. More than 80% of Internet users have bought goods or services online, and that number is sure to grow in the future. There can be a number of benefits from ordering wine from online wine sellers or online wine shops, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

    • You’ll Have Access to a Wide Variety of Wines: One benefit of ordering your wine through online wine sales is that you’ll have access to a wide variety of wines. As there are over 10,000 different types of wine grapes, it follows that by extension there are many types of wine that can be found all over the world. Searching for wine deals online can give you access to wines that you might not Continue Reading
  • How To Successful Run An Ice Cream Shop

    If there’s one thing Americans love to do to beat the heat of summer it’s eating ice cream. Americans love ice cream. And in fact they eat a lot of ice cream. The average American eats ice cream 28.5 times in a year and about 40% of Americans eat ice cream in any given two week period.

    If you’re looking to open up your own business, and ice cream shop just might be one of your best bets. If you’re passionate about ice cream and other sweet treats, you can turn your ice cream shop into a one-stop shop for all things sweet.

    Armed with a good business plan and a lot of creativity, you can really make your ice cream shop the place to be in the summertime. Sure, there’s the potential to make a lot of money with a good business plan, but more importantly you get a lot of creative freedom to create a welcoming atmosphere that people will enjoy.

    If you’re creative you can have control over each and everything that goes into the shop. You can pick the color of the paint for Continue Reading

  • Here are 3 Ice Cream and Gelato Supplies Your Store Should Have

    Ice cream has been a popular dessert treat in the United States for well over a hundred years. The ice cream cone was invented in 1904 and it’s been a popular choice ever since. With ice cream and gelato being so popular, it’s important to have a store stocked with the most essential supplies for eating and enjoying these frozen treats. This article will be taking a look at several essential ice cream and gelato supplies that you should have in your store.

    • Ice Cream and Gelato Cups: One of the most important supplies you need to have in your store are ice cream and gelato cups. These frozen treats can be placed in a cone if the customer so desires, but many also choose to eat them in a cup. While similar in nature, ice cream and gelato are typically served in slightly different cups, so it’s important to have both in stock. It’s also important to make sure the cups you stock are made of paper, since they are recyclable and won’t damage the environment.
    • Ice Cream Continue Reading
  • Ordering Some Fine Wine

    Wine stands as one of the most popular beverages in the world alongside beer, tea, coffee, and plain water. Wine has been made since antiquity and was a staple of the Greeks and Romans, and in fact today’s word “wine” comes from the Latin “vinum.” France and Italy are traditionally the world’s two largest wine producers, having the right climate and terrain to grow grapes needed to make wine. Some French and Italian wineries may be centuries old, and have strong reputations. More recently, the United States joined them as the world’s third major wine-producing country, and California alone makes 90% of American wine. Regardless of where it came from, white wines, red wines, pear wines, and more are always in demand, and today’s young adults love it even more than their parents do. Someone can find local wineries to visit or order some wine online, and they can look up prices for brand names, such as the price of Claret wine. Finding the price of Claret wine or similar brands may help a Continue Reading

  • A Beginners Guide To Drinking Whiskey

    Even if you’re not celebrating a special occasion, a glass of whiskey at a whiskey bar or a bourbon bar can be the perfect capper to a night out with friends. One of the best things about whiskey is that you can drink it straight, drink it over ice or make a delicious cocktail with it.

    What is whiskey you ask? Whiskey is distilled from grain and that grain can vary from corn to barley to rye. If you’re looking to enhance your understanding and knowledge of whiskey, here’s a few pointers to help you get started:

    • Try it neat: If you go to a local whiskey bar, one of the best things you can do to start off is to try your whiskey neat (as in with no ice). Why? By drinking it neat, you’re able to get the full flavor of the whiskey instead of potentially diluting it a little bit with ice. If you find you don’t like the taste of certain whiskeys neat, you can then add ice or some water. As your knowledge of whiskey grows and you (maybe) eventually try some rare w Continue Reading
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