How to Support Small Businesses During the Pandemic

Small businesses are the backbone of any community. Instead of a large company CEO running these businesses, it’s someone who can be your neighbor. They live in your community. Maybe they go to your church. Maybe their kids play sports or are in Scouts with your kids. Maybe you went to high school with them.

When you walk into these businesses you might find a warm, welcoming, and family-like atmosphere. With the pandemic having affected all of our lives, citizens are looking for how to support local small businesses. In fact, when consumers search for a business, 72% of them will choose a one that is within five miles of their home. Some may think that the large corporations, with all their money and resources, may be better at meeting your needs. Small businesses, however, bring a unique skill set to the table and they can meet so many needs that large corporations cannot.

They have a better commitment to customer service

When you shop at a large company, you are little more than just a number to them. When you walk into a local small business, there’s a good chance the owner will be there to greet you by name with a smile. They’ll treat you like a family member. On the other hand, large businesses have so many customers that it’s impossible to maintain that warm connection. You might use a small business once and then not have to go there again for a couple of years. Despite the absence, they’ll still likely remember you. You could walk into a large chain three times in a week and they wouldn’t even realize it.

At the end of the day, small businesses will take more time and care to meet your needs. They rely on a sterling reputation to stay in business and rely on their customers to spread the word about their business. If you visit the social media pages and websites of large corporations, you might find a deluge of negative reviews related to their products, services, or experience. They are large enough that these bad assessments are barely a blip on the radar to them. Similar reviews for a small business can be devastating to their reputation. Since they rely so much on word-of-mouth to build their customer base. If a customer has a bad experience, they will not likely recommend the business to friends. That is why small businesses will be meticulous and put in extra care to meet all your wants and needs.

They offer the best in convenience

Big businesses thrive on mere convenience at the expense of customer service. Although they are not always the most convenient. For many different instances where small businesses are the most convenient and make the most sense. Using a large corporation may create too many headaches and paperwork. A simple call to a local business will have an appointment scheduled in the near future. You will be dealing with actual people instead of a recording. If you are wondering how to support local small businesses, you do not have to “go out of your way” to offer the support. Following is some of the many instances where the local business route is the easiest and most sensible solution.

Local roofer

A large advantage that small businesses have to offer is time. Since their customer intake is much smaller than big businesses, they can devote more time to each customer. If their schedule is more spaced out, you are likely able to get a quick and convenient appointment. This is extra helpful if you need a service nearly immediately.

Roof repair is one example of this. A damaged roof can result in leaking throughout your home. This will lead to even more repairs and increased insurance premiums. Your local roofer can get the job done relatively quickly. A local roofing company is specialized, whereas a bigger company probably has many different services they off. This one-stop-shop may seem convenient, but if all you need is a new roof, the other services are irrelevant to your needs. If you want a quality job done, the local business is your best bet. This is a great example of how to support local small businesses.

Pest exterminator

A pest infestation is a dangerous event. If you are subjected to one of these horrors, you will want it dealt with as soon as possible. Like the roofing situation, time is of the essence. You can’t afford to wait around for an appointment. A local pest exterminator can probably be at your home in a matter of minutes if need be. Larger companies are naturally busier and have more hectic schedules. While they likely won’t ignore you, they might not have a large block of time to devote to your issue. A local company can probably set aside several hours to take care of your wasp nest removal or bedbug infestation.

Working quickly has many different benefits, but quickness should never come at the expense of quality. A local exterminator can accomplish the job in an efficient manner while still leaving you satisfied. No one wants to deal with pesky insects and rodents. It is best to deal with a trusted pest control specialist.

Local plumber

Plumbing issues are another cause for concern for homeowners. When searching for a quality plumber you want someone who you can trust. Like many of the other small businesses, there are several advantages for hiring a local plumber. You can build a better connection with them than you would with a large chain. Large chain companies have many different employees. Each time that you hire them, there’s a good chance that a different plumber will show up each time. A local company will likely have the same plumber to help you. You can build a relationship with them and they might be more familiarized with your setup.

As a local company, they can be at your residence in a matter of minutes. This can be vital in the event of an emergency plumbing crisis. They will also know the area better. A local plumber may have knowledge of aspects such as the construction methods and outward conditions. They will also know the local water supply and the nature of its acidity. This is valuable knowledge that it is hard to come by in a large company. If you’re wondering how to support local small businesses, this is a major advantage.

Local car dealer

A common stereotype among car salespeople is that they are swindlers and just looking to close the deal. When you are making a major purchase, trust is a defining characteristic. If you are purchasing a vehicle, you might be inclined to put your guard up. The last thing we want is to be taken advantage of and coming out with a raw deal. That is why trust is imperative. Like many other local businesses, local car dealers are built on their reputation.

If people are displeased with their experience with the business, they will likely spread the word. A large company can easily absorb the loss of a few disgruntled customers. For a local car dealer, they could incur some significant damage if they lose customers. They legitimately cannot afford to lose you, so they are much more likely to treat you like. These dealerships are often family-owned and have been around for generations. It can be rather difficult to swindle someone when your whole family legacy is on the line.

Accident attorney

An accident is one of the most terrifying and heart-wrenching experiences one can suffer from. The aftermath of the accident can be an extremely stressful time. Injuries, car repairs, and insurance issues are just some of the many stresses that you will probably incur from your accident. A great personal injury attorney can help you navigate the road back to normalcy. Insurance companies are often considered a thorn in the side to injury sufferers. There can be a lot of feet dragging and legal red tape. Many will bemoan the lack of action on the part of the company.

If you find yourself in this situation, you will need someone in your corner. An accident attorney can help apply the pressure and stop the hand wringing. When you think of how to support local small businesses, you might not think of a law firm. A local law firm, however, can be a valuable resource for you. They can help you win the fight against the “big business” insurance companies. You can build a repour with them. The large insurance companies have tended to favor profit over people. A personal injury attorney has the expertise to negotiate a great settlement for you. They have many tricks in their back pocket that will scare the insurance company. When you are the “little guy” standing up to the “big guys” can often feel like an insurmountable task. With the right attorney, they can help you get what you deserve.


People are wondering how to support local small businesses during this trying time. The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. Going out to eat is a great American tradition that has been phased out for the time being. Instead of shutting their doors, many local restaurants have had to readjust. They have switched to takeout orders only and will prepare food in a completely safe manner. In order to minimize contact, most restaurants will offer curbside pickup.

Mom and Pop restaurants have proven to be one of the most successful small businesses over the years. Many are family-owned and have been in the family for generations. Delicious recipes are passed down. They present a unique opportunity for diners. Chain restaurants have strict corporate standards across hundreds of sites. The workers have to adhere to them. For locally-owned restaurants, they can specialize and try different recipes. If anyone is concerned, they can be assured that even small restaurants have to follow all federal health and safety standards as well.

Another advantage the local restaurants have is experience. Chain restaurants pay low wages and many of their employees lack the culinary expertise of a more experienced cook. Family-owned restaurants feature workers who have been trained in these dishes since childhood. For restaurants, or any small business, the owners take pride in their work. They may have built it from the ground up or made a commitment to continue a great tradition. Many who work for a large company may consider it “just a job.” A local family-owned small restaurant is likely not “just a job” for the owners. We all still need to eat and just because we can’t dine out does not mean we can’t enjoy delicious meals from our favorite places.

Local vendors

Local craft vendors are still very much in business right now. These vendors, such as artisanal soap makers, are making products that are in high demand right now. With grocery stores being cleared out and suppliers struggling to keep up, consider contacting a vendor for some. Not only will this help while searching how to support local small businesses, but there are other strong points. These soaps and other such products are naturally made and are better for the environment. Since you are buying directly from the vendor it can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Social media

When asking how to support local small businesses, there’s more than just supporting them financially. You can also help them by touting them on social media. In this digitized age, a social media presence is vital for small businesses. With most of us staying home all the time, people are spending more time on their social media pages. You can like your favorite small business Facebook pages and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Help increase their reach by sharing their posts and leaving positive reviews. This will all help them by spreading the word to more potential customers.

Stimulating the economy

Listed above are just some of the solutions of how to support local small businesses. Some may feel that while small businesses have their place, the success of large companies is greater for the economy. That is not always the case. The profits from small businesses mostly go directly back into the economy. For the owners, their small business is their livelihood. They will use their profits to supply their families. Their money will most likely be spent at other local businesses, thus stimulating the local economy. Unlike money from large companies, it will keep circulating throughout the entire local area.

These are just some of the ways to help support local small businesses. Consider some of these solutions when wondering how to support local small businesses. By lifting up these businesses, you will help the economy stay afloat and prosper during this difficult time. We will get through this together.

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