• Plant based Chicken Why You Should Try It

    Chicken substitute

    Plant based Chicken: Why You Should Try It

      If you are someone who wants to be healthy but isn’t quite sure where to start be sure to consider the benefits of a plant based diet. A plant based diet implements a number of healthy foods into a diet while still allowing you to eat meat. That said, the meat consumption is either reduced or altered to make it a healthier option (i.e. plant based chicken, plant based pork, vegan beef, chicken substitute etc.) In order to get started with changing up your diet, consider the importance of a healthy diet. Next, read the tips below for some advice and tips on the benefits to a healthier plant based diet to ensure that you start prioritizing your health.

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  • What You Need to Know About Serving Alcohol Responsibly


    There are a lot of reasons restaurants and other businesses like to sell alcohol. There is a lot of money to be made by doing this. The problem is, as Uncle Ben told his nephew, Peter Parker, AKA Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility.” If you are going to sell alcohol, in addition to needing a permit, you need to make sure your workers know how to do this responsibly. Here are some ways to make sure they do:

  • Love Mexican Food? Here Are Some Things You May Not Know

    Mexican restaurant downtown orlando

    If you live or were raised in the United States, the chances are good that you have tried Mexican food at some point during your life. It has been estimated that at least 10% of all restaurants across the country serve some Mexican dishes, making Mexican cuisine the most popular international cuisine in the nation. Moreover, more than 70% of all households have authentic Mexican ingredients for when they want to have some great food without having to go to a Mexican restaurant.

    USA Today has put out a new piece on this delicious food and what people may not know when they go to their local Mexican restaurant.

    Today’s Mexican food combines a number of foods from a variety of p Continue Reading

  • Peanut Nutrients Help Many Get the Energy and Protein That They Need

    Peanut nutrients

    It may only be the first of March, but you are already thinking about the summer and spending some time on the beach. The fact that your family is planning a big trip this summer means that you want to look good, as well as feel good. With two weeks scheduled in Greece, you know that your days will alternate between long afternoons relaxing at the beach and even longer mornings touring and hiking. In an effort to be in the best shape, you are trying to get more exercise, as well as do a better job of eating more healthy.
    Fortunately, you are a big fan of several peanut snack ideas that are easy to prepare and high in protein. Although you do pretty well eating a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, yo Continue Reading

  • Facts On Peanut Flower Uses

    Walnut tree facts

    There is no question that people in the United States absolutely love to consume peanut butter. However, it is more than likely true that these people are not aware of the health benefits of peanuts and all other kinds of nuts. As the problem of obesity continues to grow in scale, it is very importnat that people are aware of just how many benefits can come from different types of nuts, unrefined peanut oil uses, and peanut flour uses.

    A study was conducted in Spain involving a number of 8,500 men and women. These men and women were required to eat nuts at least two times per week while others did not eat nuts ever. This study revealed that the people who consumed these nuts were 31% less likely to gain weight as opposed to those who did not. So there is one fact pointing to the health benefits of pean Continue Reading

  • Protein Versus Healthy Fats The Role of Nuts

    Peanuts lower cholesterol

    Protein. Just the word speaks of bodybuilders at Gold’s Gyms in California, the home of Arnold, the king of all that is ripped muscle. Those bodybuilders (and bodybuilders today) thrived off protein and talked up its virtues: It repaired muscles, replenished muscles, led to bigger and more powerful muscles.

    Protein to the layperson seems associated with that. Protein comes in the form of meat, protein comes in the form of chicken, protein comes in the form of eggs. All that bodybuilder stuff. But protein can come from numerous sources, one of which is hardly well known for its protein power: peanut butter.

    Peanut butter has many statistics associated with it that show how powerful this nut is. It has tons of protein power per gram, with healthy fats thrown in. It’s not nearly as unhealthy Continue Reading

  • The Hazards of Dealing With Peanut Allergies

    Health benefits of roasted peanuts

    For quite some time there has been a long-running love of peanuts and recipes for peanuts. Peanut facts are known and beloved by many Americans and there are so many people across the nation that eat peanut butter regularly. The peanut recipes that you can choose from are great unless you are someone who suffers from a peanut allergy.

    Peanut nutrients are great for the body. This is one of the many reasons as to why peanuts have become so popular over the course of its history as a food. As a matter of fact, each one-ounce serving of peanuts contains seven grams of protein which is a big part of your daily nutrition.

    Right now the average American will eat six pounds of Continue Reading

  • Boost Morale in the Office When You Supply Your Employees with Coffee and Tea

    Specialty coffee

    Coffee and/or tea are staples in almost every household in America. Over half of Americans who are over the age of 18 drinks coffee every day and per the 2017 National Coffee Drinking Trends report, over 60% of respondents said that they had had coffee in the last day. And it’s not just the amount of coffee drunk, it’s also the quantity. The average person who drinks coffee in the United States has a little over three cups a day. Tea also boasts quite a following — at any given moment, almost 160 million people in the United States are drinking tea. The United States is the third largest importer of tea globally (behind Russia and Pakistan). Given all this, it’s no surprise that many workplaces are offering complimentary coffee and tea to their employees, as a way to boost worker satisfaction and morale. < Continue Reading

  • How to Be a Socially and Environmentally-Conscious Shopper Purchase Your Sustainable Meats Online

    Grass fed beef

    When you have a busy schedule, there’s a good chance that it proves a bit challenging to shop for your favorite specialty food items. Since you’re a socially and environmentally-conscious person, you may be interested in a convenient and healthy alternative. If you haven’t purchased meat online before, this may be the perfect solution for you.

    There are several benefits to shopping online for sustainable meat. First of all, these products come from local meat farmers, which increases their sustainability factor. Secondly, you can arrange grass fed meat delivery to your door, which saves gas and reduces overall traffic. Thirdly, you will be able to choose from a variety of available meats, such as Continue Reading

  • 3 Important Benefits of Utilizing a Smoker to Cook Meats

    Ace hardware smokers

    There’s no doubt that many people across the United States love to utilize either a grill, smoker, or both devices. In fact, statistics gathered from the 2016 United States Census Bureau found that 79.1 million of those surveyed enjoyed grilling. While it’s easy to confuse smoking and with utilizing a classic grill, the former option has benefits that you’ll want to know about. One popular type of smoking device is the Franklin BBQ smoker. However, there are other types of smokers that you’ll want to check out. Using a smoker can drastically help improve the quality of meat that you are cooking. With that in mind, here are three benefits of using a smoker to cook meat.

    1. Meat Becomes Extremely Tender

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