• Want to Improve Your Health? Try Adding Peanuts to Your Day

    Including nuts in your diet is not just delicious, but good for your body as well. In fact, the Harvard research department recently finished a study on the effects of eating two servings of nuts each day. At the end it was confirmed that regular consumption resulted in lowered chances of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

    The Advantages of Peanuts: Why Not Other Nuts and Seeds?

    Eating nuts or seeds will reap good health benefits. However, peanuts are a unique nut and not just because they are actually a legume. Peanuts are unique for the qualities they have, namely a mild flavor that can meld well within many different dishes. The versatility of peanuts is good news for your health.

    Peanuts Are Considered a Great Snack For a Couple of Reasons.

    Peanuts are a often touted as a convenient snack for a few reasons. One, a one ounce package of nuts is easy to carry in your bag and they are unlikely to get smashed in the way that a granol Continue Reading