3 Ways to Design Paper Food Containers for Your Establishment

When it comes to paper products, not only do you want one that is strong enough to hold your products and keep them hot and cold, but you also want them to showcase your business name. Certain items are stationary colors and don’t offer much design choice such as stirrers, straws, spoons and forks, but things such as paper cups and bowls offer various avenues for diversity. Choosing a great design for your paper products can boost sales, and the points below can help you with choosing the perfect design.

Multiple Uses

The benefits of using a hot soup container such as disposable cup can be used for a variety of products. Hot products will stay hot with paper hot cups with lids, but paper soup cups can keep warm soups warm while paper cups can also keep frozen products such as ice cream and frozen yogurt cold. Spend the money to customize paper product containers and then choose the cheapest option for things such as forks, spoons and stirrers. Don’t skimp on these things because more than 50% of consumers prefer sugar and cream while only 35% prefer to drink their warm drinks like coffee black.

Time Tested Design

Having a good design for your paper products means that you won’t have to spend money creating a new one a printing up new products. Holiday designs may look cute and festive, but they can end up costing your company more money in the long run. Choose a design that showcases your business so that it will stand out. Spend time creating the best design, ask for input from others. Time spent now will save frustration later down the road.

Offer Contests

A quick and easy way to develop a brand logo that your customers love is to host a contest. Have customers draw up a logo for your paper products. Choose a few and offer guests to vote on which one they like best. Not only will this help draw in customers, but it can also help get your business name out into the community. People love contests, and this contest helps to serve two purposes.

Design is important for your business as well as your brand. You’ve spent so much time deciding the perfect name, so showcase it on your paper products. You sales and business will benefit.

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