3 Important Benefits of Utilizing a Smoker to Cook Meats

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There’s no doubt that many people across the United States love to utilize either a grill, smoker, or both devices. In fact, statistics gathered from the 2016 United States Census Bureau found that 79.1 million of those surveyed enjoyed grilling. While it’s easy to confuse smoking and with utilizing a classic grill, the former option has benefits that you’ll want to know about. One popular type of smoking device is the Franklin BBQ smoker. However, there are other types of smokers that you’ll want to check out. Using a smoker can drastically help improve the quality of meat that you are cooking. With that in mind, here are three benefits of using a smoker to cook meat.

  1. Meat Becomes Extremely Tender

    Many people use a grill and smoker to cook delicious meats. In fact, statistics from the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association found that 75% of homes contain at least one smoker or grilling unit. With that in mind, it’s especially important to own a smoker if you’re really wanting to obtain meat that is tender. Some of the most tender cooked meats achieve this quality through being smoked for long amounts of time. Meats become more tender through smoking due to the fact that this using a smoker breaks down collagen in meats faster than many other cooking methods.
  2. Enhanced Flavor

    Statistics show that 71% of those who either grill or smoke food cite enhanced flavor as the reason why these cooking methods are utilized. No one wants to cook or consume meat that isn’t flavored properly. Certain smokers may have certain devices that they prefer including a Franklin BBQ smoker or a PK360 model. For many who cook regularly, it’s nearly impossible to match the savory flavor achieved through utilizing a smoker. Another benefit of utilizing an outdoor or kitchen smoker is being able to obtain a wide range of flavors. For instance, there are many types of wood chips that add specific flavors to the meats you’re cooking, depending on which flavor you choose to use.
  3. Relatively Simple Cooking Method

    From the Franklin BBQ smoker to the PK models, smoking is a great way to cook delicious meat. With that in mind, one important advantage of smoking foods is not having to necessarily hover over the food while it is cooking. While it’s still important to monitor any type of food that is being cooked, many who smoke meats can periodically check in on the progress of their respective smokers. In addition, there are even portable smokers available for those who need to cook while not at home.

To summarize, there are several distinct advantages associated with smoking meats. One major advantage of smoking meats is that they will often become far more tender than if these foods were only grilled. Another benefit of cooking meat with a smoker is that you’re able to enhance the flavor of the food dramatically. Many smokers utilize wood chips in order to give their cooked meats a delicious flavor. Smoking meats is a relatively simple way to cook in regards to the time you’ll spend monitoring the overall cooking process.

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