How to Be a Socially and Environmentally-Conscious Shopper Purchase Your Sustainable Meats Online

Grass fed beef

When you have a busy schedule, there’s a good chance that it proves a bit challenging to shop for your favorite specialty food items. Since you’re a socially and environmentally-conscious person, you may be interested in a convenient and healthy alternative. If you haven’t purchased meat online before, this may be the perfect solution for you.

There are several benefits to shopping online for sustainable meat. First of all, these products come from local meat farmers, which increases their sustainability factor. Secondly, you can arrange grass fed meat delivery to your door, which saves gas and reduces overall traffic. Thirdly, you will be able to choose from a variety of available meats, such as grass fed beef.

When you buy Wagyu beef online, for example, you’ll know that it contains more omega-3 fatty acids along with more vitamins A and E than its grain-fed counterpart. There is also about seven times more beta carotene in grass fed beef, which is an added plus.

Even though the average person within the country consumes 66.5 pounds of beef per year, it’s possible that a large percentage of these individuals may not be aware of the benefits of grass-fed beef. Recent figures show that approximately 97% of the total amount of beef sold in this country is not grass-fed. This means that just three percent is considered to be sustainable.

Given the average consumption of beef within this country, it goes without saying that more Americans should consider purchasing grass-fed beef along with other sustainable meats. When you buy Wagyu beef online, for example, you will know that it doesn’t contain antibiotics, which makes it a much-healthier choice.

Estimates showed that 60% to 80% of the total amount of antibiotics produced by this country were included in livestock feed back in 2001. Furthermore, a study was conducted in 2011, and the results were published in the journal, Clinical Infectious Diseases. According to the study’s findings, researchers estimated that 47% of the supermarket meats and poultry products contained Staph bacteria.

When shoppers purchase sustainable meats and poultry online, they are making an important social and environmental statement. Not only are these individuals choosing to support local farmers, they are also taking a stand on eliminating unhealthy livestock-raising practices. Furthermore, since so many individuals within this country are focused on creating a healthier life-work balance, shopping online can assist with this as well.

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