Packaging Products Learn More About the Most Environmentally and Socially-Friendly Methods

Form fill seal machine

Is your company looking for a more environmentally-friendly means for packaging products? A recent global survey showed that 52% of consumers will make their purchase decisions based on a product’s packaging. When they discover a brand that makes a positive environmental and social impact, they are more likely to reach for those products rather than a competitor’s.

If your brand produces food items, you may be interested to learn what packaging experts have to say in this regard. Were you aware, for example, that food waste can be significantly reduced with the proper type of packaging? Experts estimate that when plastic packaging is used, up to 1.7 pounds of food waste can be eliminated. Furthermore, when these food items are packaged with vacuum sealers, food will last three to five times longer than with containers or plastic bags.

Does your company produce beverages? When packaging products such as juice, soda, or water, using plastic can make a significant difference in the overall level of waste and cost. Two pounds of plastic, for instance, can contain 1,300 ounces. This amounts to approximately ten gallons of beverages. By way of comparison, consider these types of containers that hold the same amount of product:

  • Aluminum: Three pounds
  • Steel: Eight pounds
  • Glass: 40 pounds

It’s important to note that about 60% of the American population has access to some type of plastic recycling program. Since plastic can be recycled and repurposed, this makes it a more environmentally-friendly choice for packaging products. If you’re dedicated to providing a positive customer experience and demonstrating that you are both socially and environmentally conscious, why not learn more about the benefits of using plastic for your products?

When you contact a packaging distributor, they can explain more about the different types of packaging and packaging machines. Furthermore, they will also be able to recommend the best type of packaging for your products. At that time, you may also want to inquire about other types of services that they provide, such as X-ray machines for food inspection to avoid contaminants.

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