• How Coffee and Money Make the World Go Round

    Mobile cafe business

    Nowadays, sipping — and spilling — tea is all the rage thanks to the advice of health gurus and of course Kermit the frog, however, coffee still remains the king of hot and cold beverages. If there was ever a business that was Recession-proof, it’s the coffee industry.

    Business Insider reports that coffee exportation alone is an impressive $20 billion dollar industry across the globe. Similarly, Business Insider also reported that the coffee industry itself is worth a staggering $100 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. While quite large, these figures should come as no surprise, considering there are an estimated 14 billion espresso coffees consumed each year across the world. Furthermore, nearly 500 billion cups of coffee are enjoyed each year worldwide.

    As such, mobile coffee franchises have Continue Reading

  • Hummus The Secret Ingredient You Food Has Been Missing

    Recipes with hummus

    Canada is known for it’s long, harsh, and often very dark winters, which is why Canadians love and enjoy the summer months that much more. And with summer weather, comes lighter fare such as cucumber cup recipes, deviled egg recipes, various dips and spreads, and of course hummus dips.

    While hummus dips are the perfect ingredient or accompaniment for fast and easy appetizers in the summer, this incredibly tasty bean-based condiment can be enjoyed all year round — even in the midst of a bitterly cold Canandian winter. In fact, as the popularity of hummus continues to rapidly expand, hummus is now being enjoyed by Canadians all year round, and not just for summer party appetizer ideas.

    For example, did you know that you can cook with hummus? Sure, hummus is sold and kept refrigerated, however, it Continue Reading

  • Ten Facts About Ice Cream You Didn’t Know Before

    Drink cups

    Perhaps one of the best things about summer is that all the ice cream stores and stands and frozen yogurt stores suddenly become alive with people. New flavors, custom ice cream cups, frozen yogurt supplies, and more flood the stores, ready for sunny days when everyone is craving a sweet treat. There’s nothing better than stopping by your favorite ice cream store and licking a few different flavors off plastic tasting spoons before deciding on one. (Especially since so many of the plastic tasting spoons are so fun now, with bright colors and ergonomically shaped.) The ice cream indu Continue Reading

  • Don’t Subject Yourself to Boring Food – Know the Three Signs of a Truly Unique Restaurant

    Best sushi restaurant

    Sure, those big name chain restaurants can do in a pinch when you’re hungry, but they’re somewhat lacking for special occasions. Bland, uninspired cuisine can ruin a fun night out, so choosing the right restaurant for everyone is a necessity to have a great evening.

    If you’re searching for a truly unique restaurant, look no further than these three signs. You’ll never have to eat boring food again when you know where to look for quality food and entertainment:

      1. Look for Fun Menu Items: Your grandparents’ favorite restaurant probably had the same typical menu items that every other restaurant used to have. For many people, going out to a restaurant that hasn’t updated its menu since the Continue Reading

  • How to Make a Flan Fast!

    Recetas de camarones

    Flan is one of the most traditional, and tastiest postres Latin American cuisine has to offer. Best of all, it’s also super fast to make! Here’s one of the quickest flan recipes out there.

    What You’ll Need to Make a Quick Flan.

    In order to make a flan in no time flat, you’ll need three-quarters of a cup of sugar, one package of softened cream cheese, five eggs, one 14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk, one 12-ounce can of evaporated milk, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. That’s it!

    Get the Flan All Mixed and Ready.

    Now that you’ve got the ingredients for you flan, it’s time to prep it. Start by taking out a heavy saucepan, and using it to Continue Reading

  • 5 Factors that People Consider When Deciding Where to Eat

    Boulder restaurant guide

    If you’ve ever had to decide on a restaurant with someone, you know how difficult of a process it can be. One person wants Italian food but the only restaurant in town that offers it is $20 per person. There are many factors that go into deciding where to go when eating out and each of these factors are important to know for both consumers as well as for restaurant owners.

    The types of food they offer
    One of the most important factors when deciding where to go is the type of food that the restaurant offers. Surprisingly, only 17% of Americans prefer Italian restaurants and only 16% prefer Mexican food. While only a small percent of Americans prefer Italian food, Americans who live in the East are Continue Reading

  • New Research Stresses The Importance Of Lunch Breaks

    Tech center restaurants

    New research has good and bad news for America’s office workers: skipping your lunch break can hurt your work performance. While this suggests it is preferable for workers to make a point of taking their lunch (good news!), the fact remains that only one in five (20%) workers actually do it. Or at least in the way experts recommend. In order to enjoy the fully rejuvenating effects of lunch or a meal, research shows that taking a few minutes to eat at your desk isn’t enough.

    Stepping outside of the building — whether that means eating lunch in the park or asking a coworker or two to join you for hot sub sandwiches — may seem like a simple or inconsequential gesture, but it’s not. Visiting some of the Continue Reading

  • Why You Shouldn’t Be Confused About All the Hubbub About Hummus

    Pico de gallo salsa

    America has gone through a series of changes in the last ten to fifteen years. Electric cars have become increasingly popular, no one listens to Ricky Martin anymore, the smartphone was invented, and then there’s hummus dip recipes.

    Believe it or not, hummus dips have been around for a long time. Like, a really, really long time. Like 13th-century ancient Egypt long time. In fact, the earliest documented recipe for a hummus recipe dates back to 13th-century Egypt, where chickpeas — the main ingredient in hummus — were grown as a staple food.

    However, although hummus has existed for quite some time and is widely popular in several Mediterranean countries, it wasn’t until roughly ten to fifteen years ago that hummus actually became popular in the states. Prior that time, hummus was conf Continue Reading

  • How to Make a Basic Guacamole

    Guacamole brand

    There are tons of exciting, exotic, delicious, fresh guacamole dips out there, but before you take a crack at making them, you need to know how to make a basic guacamole recipe. Here’s a quick guide to help.

    Get the Basic Ingredients.

    There are certain guacamole ingredients that you’ll almost always need. First, you should always get about two avocados, half a teaspoon of salt, fresh lime juice, two tablespoons of minced onions, a couple of minced serrano chiles, two tablespoons of chopped cilantro, some black pepper, and half a chopped tomato.

    Putting It Together.

    To make fresh guacamole, all you Continue Reading

  • Three Basic Brunch Dishes That Will Make Your Life Easier

    Golf program

    There’s a reason that brunch is everyone’s favorite meal. Half breakfast, half lunch, it offers the most versatile and varied menu, cocktails in the morning, and a reason to get up before 11 am on Sundays. Throwing a Sunday brunch can be a super fun and laid back affair, but planning and hosting one can get to be a little stressful. One way to make things a little easier is to plan a brunch buffet, so people can serve themselves. Here are three great base brunch dishes to start with.

    1. Scrambled Eggs
    Eggs are a staple of any Sunday brunch buffet, and for good reason. Eggs are relatively inexpensive, easy to cook, and easy to make in large quantities. There’s also a lot of opportunity here to crea Continue Reading

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