• Dips Save Lives

    Hummus spread recipes

    We know we don’t eat enough vegetables. That’s because they just do not taste good. That’s what it really comes down to, right? However, we need those vegetables. I bet you didn’t know that eating fruit and vegetables at least three times a day instead of just once or not at all is strongly associated with 27% lower chance of stroke, 42% lower chance of stroke mortality and 25% lower CVD mortality. Not just the fruit. Fruit AND vegetables. Vegetables are important to, unfortunately but what if they tasted good? What if, just what if, there was a vegetable out there that you didn’t think of as a vegetable? What if it was so delightful, you could eat it at a tailgating party? I have one word for you: DIPS. That’s right, as in, chips and dip. Dip can be an exhilarating vegetable! We are going to g Continue Reading

  • 4 Interesting Reasons Why You Should Opt for Outdoor Wedding Places

    outdoor wedding placesWeddings are once-in-a-lifetime, memorable occasions and deserve to be treated as such. A well-organized, well-planned wedding can be memorable, creating great moments that everyone in attendance can cherish for years to come. As it is with any event that involves large numbers of people in different roles, weddings need to be carefully planned and executed down to the last detail. One of the most important decisions that wedding planners usually reserve for the initial stages of the plan, is the selection of a good wedding venue.

    While there are always many beautiful wedding places to choose from, the best places for wedding receptions might take a while to find. If you are looking for unique wedding places that offer something outside the realm of the run-of-the-mill, looking for outdoor wedding places might be a good move. Outdoor locations are often the best places to have a wedding, and according to statistics, people are gradually gravitating towards having weddings in outdoor locations with about 35% of all weddings taking place out of doors. Outdoor wedding places have a number of advantages, and present some interesting opportunities that make them perfectly suited for occasions like weddings. Let us take a look at some of the characteristics that set outdoor venues apart –

    • Setting – One of the prime reasons why you can opt for an outdoor wedding is the environment and ambience it provides to the ceremony. The natural setting can be a magical backdrop to the celebrations and merry-making, while scenic locations can add much to the overall wedding décor. Indoor venues can need a lot of time and investment to decorate according to your tastes, while an outdoor venue can make things much easier.
    • Theme Weddings – With a natural setting, it can be much easier to have a theme wedding. You can focus on various natural themes easily, while arriving at an overall theme without expending much time or effort.
    • Costs – Weddings are expensive affairs. The average wedding budget is usually well above $28,000, while it has been found that brides usually spend over $1,000 on rehearsal dinners alone. Outdoor wedding places can bring you cost savings in many important areas like decorations and venue charges, while providing you with a scenic, large space where guests can relax and enjoy.

    If you are looking for a exciting wedding that everyone is bound to remember, choosing an outdoor venue might be your ticket to success.

  • Sushi Restaurants Still Trending Worldwide Have You Tried it Yet?

    Ocean grill palm beach gardens

    The idea that an apprentice chef would intentionally sign up for a course of study that would not allow them to handle any food until after at least two years, is indeed, an odd one to most American diners, but for sushi chefs, it is both expected and normal.

    The total training time for sushi chefs, both in foreign countries and in America, can last for at least five years and often as long as 10: cooking rice is allowed after the first few years, once the apprentice can be trusted with the restaurant’s secret rice recipe.

    Worldwide, there are well over 60,000 sushi restaurants. Some local sushi restaurants even have themes, like underwater paradise, earthquake disaster, and there is even one that is themed like a ja Continue Reading

  • The Joy Of The Mediterranean Try Hummus Today!

    Party appetizer ideas

    One food that has recently garnered attention and increased popularity, especially in the United States and Canada has been hummus, both store bought and homemade. It’s a healthy alternative to chips or other salty snack foods, comes in a variety of flavors, and is relatively inexpensive. It’s versatile and tasty, while still being a health conscious choice. If you’re looking for fast and easy appetizers, look no further than hummus and chips or hummus and veggies. Hummus can go on almost anything and taste good! It’s vegetarian and vegan, making it a friendly option for any friends with dietary restrictions.
    What’s Hummus Made Of?
    The basic ingredients of hummus are chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and seasonings that usually include salt, garlic, and a citrus juice. Hummus comes f Continue Reading

  • Here’s Why Fennel Pollen is the Secret Ingredient You Need for Your Cooking

    Benefits of fennel pollen

    Every foodie is constantly looking for ways to “spice” up their home cooking and enhance the flavors of their dishes. While you tinker with hundreds of spices, your best option for adding incredible flavor to your dishes is something you may have never considered: fennel pollen.

    While fennel pollen may fool you into thinking your food will take the flavor of its licorice/citrus aroma, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The main benefit of fennel pollen is how it magically enhances the flavor of the food it is being used on, as opposed to overpowering the dish. Here’s a quick overview of fennel pollen and why it is considered “the spice that angels sprinkle from their wings:”

  • How To Throw A Great Party For Your Kids


    If your child is about to have a birthday, you want to make sure that their birthday party is one that they’ll never forget. To throw a truly marvelous birthday bash, here are some ideas for fun party activities that all the kids will love, and all the parents will remember for years to come.

    Musical Chairs – When you’re throwing a party for kids, the best way to keep everyone entertained is with a fun game that gets them moving. The perfect party game for the little ones is musical chairs. You can make a customized playlists of songs that the kids love, and you can even make them all birthday-related for a fun theme. If you don’t want to use the chairs from inside your home, consider renting chairs for an easy party with easy Continue Reading

  • The Top 4 Dips To Try As Quickly As Possible

    Veggie dips

    Dips are one of the more foods out there … whether you consider them a condiment or a true side dish, they can serve plenty of purposes. There are dips made especially for things like sporting events; dessert dips that are more sugary than savory; and nutrient … rich dips that can do a lot for your health. Something as simple as a veggie dip can help you get your dose of vegetables. After all, consuming fruits and vegetables three or more times a day is associated with lowering your risk of stroke by 27%, with the mortality rate associated with stroke being lowered by 45% and CVD mortality being lowered by 25%. So: what kinds of dips should you try next?

    1. Greek Yogurt Dip

    The great Continue Reading

  • 3 Delicious and Unexpected Ways to Use Roasted Garlic Salsa

    Fresh salsa calories

    You’ve probably seen the term “roasted garlic” used in tons of products, from traditional Italian roasted garlic pasta sauce to roasted garlic salsa. But what does it actually mean? Garlic is often used in cooked applications, so why is it sometimes roasted first? The answer is that roasting garlic brings out natural sweetness in it and mellows the overall bite, resulting in an almost nutty flavor. It’s a great option for kids, or for anyone else who likes a little garlic flavor but a little less punch.

    So how might you go about using all those roasted garlic products, now that you know how tasty they can be? Here are three suggestions for roasted garlic salsa recipes even the kids in your house will love to have for dinner.

    Three Creative Ways to Use Roasted Garlic Salsa

  • Three Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Hummus

    Salsa dips
    1. A History Lesson
      Hummus has origins dating back thousands of years ago, in the 13th century in Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Greece, and Palestine, and Syria. It all started when the Phoenicians brought the chickpea back to the Middle East 7,000 years ago.
      But despite its ancient origins, the deliciousness that is hummus dip did not hit American health food store shelves until the 1960s. And even then, hummus dips were only popular among certain crowds. It took decades for Americans to warm up to the distinct yet delicious taste of hummus.
    2. Hummus Among-us
      Today, hummus is so popular that it’s actually considered the dominating dip among the “refrige Continue Reading
  • Ooey Gooey Chewy and Gluten Free? Try This Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

    Gourmet cookie san diego

    They say if you give a mouse a cookie, they’ll ask for a glass of milk. These days, however, if you give a mouse a cookie, it’s likely ask whether it’s gluten free cookies or not!
    Yes, times have certainly changed. But why don’t people eat regular chocolate chip cookies anymore, and other baked goods? The simple answer is flour; those with Celiac Disease are unable to digest flour due to the wheat proteins found in gluten.
    Society is no stranger to Celiac Disease. Rather, the first case of Celiac was reported to have occurred over 2000 years ago, when archaeologists excavated the body of a woman who died from poor nutrition, and was unable to digest and breakdown the gluten in wheat. Since then, cases o Continue Reading

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