6 Reasons Your Employees Will Benefit When You Hire a Cafeteria Services Company

Cafeteria service providers

More and more companies are offering on site dining for their staff. The reasons for making the change for their employees are varied. One reason to bring in a cafeteria services company is to give the people who work for you good, healthy and flavorful options for their meals.

  1. When corporate dining is offered, workers are more likely to eat decent meals. A large number of workers will eat lunch at their desk or in their office. Some estimates have the number of people who do this to be about 39%. When people do this, the meals tend to be on the unhealthy side. By offering cafeteria services to your employees, you can increase the chance that they eat something healthy. When people work at firms and businesses that offer meals and other foods, 67% will report that they are happy at work and less likely to quit.
  2. Offering catering services will also make your workers more productive. Experts say that eating more healthy meals will increase their brain power by an average of 20%. New research shows that people opt for less healthy meal options can reduced their productivity by about 66%. Talk to the different corporate cafeteria companies about the healthy options they can provide your employees. By having a corporate cafeteria on site, you will also encourage people to get up from their desk or go out from their office, these actions can be very healthy for them and up their productivity level.
  3. Cafeteria service providers understand that many people today suffer from a variety of food allergies and want different kinds of foods. Most people are looking for meals that are generally more healthy. In addition to that, more and more people are becoming aware os allergies to peanuts gluten and dairy products. Hiring a cafeteria services company who can cater to people who suffer from allergies or who prefer vegan or vegetarian options will go a long way in improving your workers’ loyalty and health. In fact, many corporate cafeteria management services provide a wire array of health and natural foods. Some have sandwich and wrap bars that are very popular.
  4. Offering low cost and free food to your staff will make them happier. Bloomberg and Google offer free snacks to the people who work for them. This is a popular benefit to employees. They rank up there with nice working spaces that are bright and airy. The combination of food, healthy foods and a nicer place to work makes people feel more comfortable at work and that can greatly reduce your turnover rate. Most companies are at least a little interested in keeping their turnover rate low. Having access to energy packed snacks and foods only helps people be more productive.
  5. Having an in-house cafeteria will encourage your people to work together. When people dine in a company offered cafeteria services are more likely to chat and work out issues or problems they are encountering. The old adage, “Two brains are better than one,” is very applicable to an in house cafeterias. People interact in ways they might not otherwise when they see each other in the business’s cafeteria. Christian Holden, of Gartner, said, “When people ask me about our cafeteria, I say it’s like a college common without the college. We talk shop a lot simply because of the environment that we have.”
  6. Having in house eating options can save you money in the long run. People do not skip meals and have tasty but healthy lunches are healthier in general. For companies, that translates into fewer days missed due to illness and fewer trips to the doctor. Happier workers are able to be more productive and are less likely to be on the lookout for a new job. That is a true win-win for you and the company.

In today’s fast paced, mile a minute world, it is all too easy to skip meals such as breakfast and lunch by having a nice cafeteria on site, you can help encourage your staff to eat healthier meals and collaborate more with each other. The in house dining options will make them more likely to fraternize with their colleagues and coworkers .

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