4 Reasons to Purchase Free Range Meat Online

Local meat farmers

Many people love pork due to how well it works in many dishes. Not all types of pork are created in an equal manner. Unfortunately, factory farms are known to keep animals in less than satisfactory conditions. However, free range animals are allowed to have freedom in a setting that is more familiar for every livestock animal. It makes sense to wonder what makes purchasing free range meat for sale online beneficial. Here are four beneficial reasons to buy free range pork online.

  1. Receiving Healthier Meat

    Statistics show that pigs raised in pastures produce milk containing 300% more vitamin E and 74% more selenium than pigs raised in a factory environment. Pigs receiving adequate nourishment are able to pass healthier genetics to future generations of livestock. Farmers that raise pasture pigs produce meat that is far healthier than supermarket choices.
  2. Knowing Where Meat Comes From

    You’ll feel at ease knowing that your meat comes from environments where animals are shown proper care. The care animals receive leads to them staying healthy which produces higher quality cuts of meat. A study from 2011 that was published in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases reported that nearly 47% of the meat and poultry in grocery stores contains Staph bacteria. No one wants to take the chance purchasing supermarket beef that puts you at risk for a Staph infection.
  3. Helping Smaller Farms

    Estimates have shown that anywhere between 60-80% of all antibiotics made in the United States were placed in the livestock of farm animals. Making the decision to buy free range pork online means receiving meat that hasn’t been treated with antibiotics. Many people feel that natural meat cooks better and works better as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Not Having to Visit the Grocery Store

    One major advantage of choosing to buy free range pork online is the convenience factor. A grass fed meat delivery company will help ensure your order is received in a fast and efficient manner. Ordering free range meat online is much less stressful than getting out to your local supermarket. Many supermarkets are filled with cramped parking spaces and narrow aisles. It makes much more sense to save time and fuels costs by choosing to buy free range pork for sale online.

In summary, there are several advantages when you buy free range pork online. Free range animals receive a natural diet, often leading to healthier milk for offspring. Purchasing free range meats allows you to know that your food is coming from a safe place. You can rest assured that you’re helping smaller farms when purchasing free range meat. Purchasing meat online is a simple process that only needs you to worry about waiting for the delivery. It’s much better to avoid the supermarket crowds and hassle by ordering free range meat online.

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