Why You Should Cater at Your Next Event

Many people think that you should only cater at weddings or large corporate events. But event catering, like a small family reunion or even a larger get-together with old college or high school friends, can help make the event run more smoothly.

There are many great food options for catering, and we believe we offer some of the best Mexican dishes for parties large and small. Mexican food is a staple in many parts of the United States and there are many different types of Mexican dishes that the entire family can enjoy.

Catering takes a large section of party planning stress away from people. You think that whipping up enough tacos for your family and friends won’t be too difficult. But think about how many people are coming, if it’s 20-30 or even 40-50 people, that is an overwhelming amount of tacos to make, and that’s not even counting the people who will want to eat two or three tacos. But with a caterer, all you have to do is tell them how many people you expect to come, and they will give an estimated guess about how many tacos or taco sliders they need to make for your group. They will also know the perfect taco pairings and bring those to complete your taco catering party.

You might think that you can save money by skipping on catering and fixing Mexican dishes yourself, but in reality, you most likely save money on catering. You have to buy all of the ingredients yourself and you might run into trouble storing and keeping your dishes fresh on your own. With catering, you only have to pay for the service and finished product. We will whip up our delicious tacos and Mexican dishes using fresh and authentic Mexican ingredients. We will even deliver your food to the location of your event to take the stress off of transportation.

Food should always be a part of the fun when it comes to events, so let us worry about making our great Mexican dishes so that you can enjoy it. We’ll wow your guests with our amazing taco sliders and classic Mexican dishes. We will cater to your small or large event and show up to your corporate offices as well. Call us to learn more about our pricing and menu.

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