Top Authentic Mexican Restaurants In Coral Gables

Almost everyone loves good, authentic Mexican food—the burst of flavors from both old and new Mexican cuisine are brought together to create something absolutely delicious. The popularity of Mexican food in the U.S is notably associated with Americanized Mexican cuisine, which some people refer to as “Tex-Mex,” but don’t be fooled—many people tend to associate Tex-Mex and Mexican food as one and the same, and that’s simply not the truth. Authentic Mexican food include staple ingredients like dried chiles, Oaxaca cheese, and tomatillos, whereas Tex-Mex combines Mexican cuisine with Southwest cuisine to form fusions such as Cal-Mex and Tex-Mex. However, even with its mass popularity across the U.S, many people are unaware of its even more vibrant culture and heritage that makes Mexican cuisine an experience that is bursting with history.

Historical references believe the origins of Mexican cuisine was derived from the Mayan’s diet over 2,000 years ago. Mayans weren’t only known for their technological advancements, but their agricultural expertise as well which allowed them to be successful grow things to sustain themselves, like beans, corn, peppers, fruits, and even chocolate. Their hunting prowess allowed them to include meats in their cuisine too, including chicken, turkey, duck, and pork. Chocolate wouldn’t be a staple in Mexican desserts or even Mayan cuisine if not for the Aztecs, who brought allowed the Spaniards to introduce the product to Europe in 1657. Similar, the concept of wrapping tortillas is an Aztecan tradition—the term “enchilada” that was introduced in 1885 in the U.S that means “in chile.” But the direct impact on Mexican cuisine we know is from Spain invading Mexico in 1521, when among the rapid colonization the Spaniards introduced livestock, such as sheep, pigs, and cows that brought a various dairy product, garlic, wheat and spices, and many different herbs.

Best Mexican Food In Miami
There are some places that are known for their quaint shops, while others are known for their amazing foods. Here’s some of the top restaurantes mexicanos en Miami.

1. Talavera Cocina Mexicana: One of the most authentic restaurantes mexicanos en miami—their food is only half the attraction! Beautifully decorated with Talavera pottery, considered one of the most precious, refined pottery in Mexico this restaurant finds its name through strong Mexican roots. Pottery making has a long tradition in Mexican culture that was later used to decorate convents and monasteries throughout Puebla by using the techniques of majolica. Like its standards for food, its pottery design is the same—if the pottery is not from four specific municipalities in Puebla, it’s not considered Talavera, and only 6 color pigments and combinations are authorized: light blue (cobalt), green (copper), orange (amanita), deep blue (cobalt), black (iron), and yellow. (antimony) Similar to its need for authentic display, their food isn’t any different—their menu is considered some of the best Mexican cuisines in Coral Gables because it’s dedicated to providing quality, authentic Mexican food that offsets their realistic flair that indeed leaves customers in awe.

2. Jaguar: A true staple in authentic Latin American foods in Coral Gables, Florida, Jaguar offers a dining experience like no other—their beautiful designs offset by their authentic menu is what makes them among the best restaurantes mexicanos en Miami. Their menu shows their diverse style of cooking that customers can’t get enough of—their Latian American house specialties are among one of their most popular dishes because of its authenticity, including Lomo Saltado, Mahi-Mahi “A Lo Macho” and even Arroz con Mariscos that offers are variety of foods to be enjoyed throughout Latin America. Their menu also includes many favorites across Latin America that give customers a taste of each country offers in their daily Latin American specials and grilled items.

3. Peacock Garden Bistro: Not a restaurantes mexicanos en Miami, but considered one of the top restaurants in Coral Gables; Peacock offers a world-class experience for contemporary American foods with an upscale flair that serves some of the freshest prepared food around. Their menu includes a wide variety of foods, from a wide range of appetizers like mussel casserole and tuna tartar to their main items, such as fresh fish and seafood. Their flair for extravagantly prepared meals with their amazingly lush scenery makes this restaurant a popular spot for locals.

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