The dictionary definition of the term rustic alludes to something that is nit artistic or is unsophisticated. When defined with reference to furniture, this definition automatically changes to something artistic and trendy. Rustic furniture is considered very unique and trendy by people who value uniqueness and thinking outside the box. This is the reason why rustic trend has become common in homes with people opting to buy reclaimed wood chairs, reclaimed wood tables, wood tabletops and rustic table tops.

So why is rustic so trendy in today’s home design trends? Generally, reclaimed wood is very rare considering that a majority of hardwood trees take anywhere from 40 to 60 years to mature fully. When you decorate your home with rustic furniture, you introduce a natural appeal that is unique and trendy. But acquiring the furniture is one thing, how do you go about taking care of rustic furniture.

Use the Right Tools and Products
Taking care of rustic furniture is a rather very straightforward undertaking. However, a lot of people tend to overlook the importance of regular care of reclaimed wood products. Without constant care, rustic furniture is exposed to possible warping, cracks or permanent scratches. When you take into consideration the cost of potential repairs or replacement in the event of damage, proper maintenance should not be a matter of choice. Below are some basic care and maintenance tips for rustic furniture.

Be wary of the products that you use to dust rustic furniture. For starters, never use a dry and rough towel to dust the furniture. The best approach is to use a soft, smooth cloth on the furniture and probably some polish. Avoid using soap or water on rustic furniture as this might accelerate possible warming in the long run. Frequent dusting prevents dust stains that could become permanent if left for a long period of time. More importantly, try and figure out the best polish for your furniture. It is often recommended that you get used to one product instead of trying different brands of polish in order to avoid cloudiness or streaking on the surface appearance. Using too much wood polish on the rustic furniture is highly discouraged.

How to Protect Rusting Furniture
After identifying ways of caring for your rustic furniture, you must also go a step further and protect it from damage from external factors. Generally speaking, both interior and exterior furniture is expensive during home design. To some people, furniture is an investment. In order to improve its life cycle, find out some of the common causes of furniture damage and breakages and address the issue accordingly.

For example, make it a routine habit to use a protective layer on tabletops especially if there is something hot placed in the rustic table. Humidity is also one of the agents that will damage your furniture. Depending with the placement around your home, find out what humid levels do not affect the furniture causing any damage-whether minor or extensive. Some of these minor damages are what causes major damages that require repair or replacement. If possible, ensure that your reclaimed wood furniture is not exposed to direct sunlight. This is meant to protect the wood as direct sunlight will deteriorate the stain on rustic furniture.

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