The Water Cooler An Essential Part of Today’s Workplace

Imagine taking a poll of U.S. employees in a business setting and asked them what they considered to be one of the main benefits of a workplace. What do you think the most popular reply would be? The company benefits? The 401k plan? Vacation time? Sick leave?

Well, no doubt these would be very important factors. But there’s no doubt that another very important and high ranking response would also appear. Many would agree that one of the most important benefits available to any employee in the workplace is the opportunity of having an office water dispenser or water station, also referred to as a hot and cold water cooler.

The health benefits of drinking plenty of water have been known for years. And it seems that the message is getting through, because today in the U.S., people on the average compared to 15 years ago, drink 38% more water than they used to! In addition, the world has noticed that water is good for health, too, because every year the amount of bottled water that is consumed around the world rises by 10%.

To return to a commercial water cooler or office water cooler for the moment, it is wonderful to have hot and cold water available for workers. But along with the benefits of an office water cooler comes maintenance of the system. A commercial water cooler must be properly cleaned and regularly maintained to insure the health and well-being of those drinking the water. One of the key factors in making sure that the water is safe and fresh is to clean the system with the proper water cooler solution.

Water cooler solution is a mixture that is prepared to disinfect the office water dispenser, or even a countertop water cooler. The water cooler solution uses a variety of liquids, such as, for example, vinegar. The system can be cleaned manually by applying the water cooler solution, or a professional service can also clean the water cooler on a regular basis.

Another advantage to an office water cooler system is employee satisfaction at having good quality water on-site. This eliminates, or at least cuts down on, the number of employees having to leave the building and take work time to go to purchase water and lug it back to the office during the work day. While it is sometimes nice to go out during the work day, it is much easier to visit the employee lounge, or cafeteria, for a fresh fill-up of water.

With all these advantages, an office water dispenser as well as a hot and cold water cooler are obviously an aspect of the workplace that sets the tone for productivity. A nice set-up creates a good environment that refreshes employees.

To sum up, it is so interesting that office water coolers are a well-received way to maintain health and productivity among employees in a workplace. Enjoying some fresh, clean water creates a better atmosphere and a more pleasing environment for employees. Let’s just be sure that someone always checks to verify that the water cooler solution is mixed properly and that the system is maintained and cleaned regularly.

Here’s to keeping your workforce hydrated!

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