Coffee Flavors to Match the Changing Seasons

Many people associate colder weather with warmer drinks, and that could very well be the case with your office. You may start to see more and more employees walking in with coffee cups and see more and more of them going to get coffee on their lunch or afternoon breaks. Having a office coffee maker similar to a hotel coffee machine can encourage your employees to stay there for lunches and breaks and enjoy coffee without having to go anywhere. Colder months encourage more warm drinks, but different seasons also bring about different flavors that many want to try. Having a machine similar to a hotel coffee machine can allow everyone to have their own style with the flavor that they want.


There is something to be said about traditional coffee flavors. Flavors that everyone likes and that are an office favorite. These flavors are always good to have on hand, and they are enjoyed multiple times throughout the day. Flavors such as maple, caramel, almond, cinnamon and vanilla are popular no matter what time of the year it is. These flavors are good either on their own or with some sugar and milk or creamer. These along with normal and decaffeinated coffee and tea should always be on hand for your coffee maker.


There is a host of flavors that go with fall, but the most popular is probably pumpkin and pumpkin spice flavors. It seems as though when fall hits that is the number one flavor, however that shouldn’t mean that you should overlook other coffee flavors that might be in high demand during this time. If you have an office coffee machine similar to a hotel coffee machine then choose a few new flavors to match the new season. Pumpkin spice is a good choice along with cinnamon and maple flavors. This gives your employees a chance to indulge in other flavors besides typical flavors they become accustomed to.


Usually after Thanksgiving, or towards the end of November the mental focus shifts along with flavors and other flavors become more popular. One of the most popular around the Christmas time is minty flavors. White chocolate is another popular choice along with peppermint flavors. Gingerbread is another flavor that many people are excited about once the new wintry flavors start coming around. Consider a variety of winter flavors so that there is always something new in stock for your employees.


Once the cold winter months start to leave and the months start to get warmer the flavors change as well. New flavors include irish creme flavors. Other flavors that start to make their way into the mix include fruit flavors. With fruits and berries flourishing during this time, many people want to taste them and smell them and a good way to do this is with coffees or teas. With a coffee or tea machine similar to a hotel coffee machine it is easier than ever to accompany employees wants or desires when it comes to fruity flavors.

Don’t forget there are what seems like endless ways to flavor traditional coffee as well. These choices are bountiful and offer a wider array of choices. Consider adding these flavored creamers to your coffee choices to ensure that there is always something that you employees will like. Coffee is a great reason for staff to come together to share idea, inspiration and enjoy quality time together. Considering that almost half of all workers say coffee helps them stay productive at work, and over half of all adults over the age of 18 drink coffee, it only makes sense that you would cater to your coffee drinkers wants and desires. Provide a variety of coffee flavors for them to enjoy while making their way through the work day.

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