Taking A Look at The Industry Of Coffee In The United States

From stir sticks to sugar to white paper cups, the average coffee shop needs a lot of materials that many people don’t consider but still use every time that they order a coffee. After all, stir sticks play an important role, even if it is still a small one. Stir sticks allow for the customization of coffee, for the addition of ingredients like cream and sugar. Without the small addition of stir sticks, creating your perfect coffee would actually be considerably more difficult, especially if you are planning on taking the coffee to go.

But coffee in general, no matter how you take it or if you use stir sticks or not to mix it all together, is a hugely popular beverage here in the United States. In fact, it is so popular that thirty percent of the population of the United States will drink coffee on an occasional basis and half the population will enjoy specialty coffee drinks like espresso, iced coffee, and lattes on a regular basis. For the average coffee drinker, one and a half to three cups of coffee is typically the standard amount of coffee that is consumed on any given day, an amount that is a lot of coffee for some people but hardly any coffee at all for others.

Coffee shops have remained popular even as more and more people take advantage of their ability to make their coffee beverages at home. From chain coffee shops to locally owned cafes and coffee spots, stopping in for a coffee before going to work or on their lunch break is a common thing for many a working person in the United States to do. And coffee can actually be good for you to, especially if your job is very cognitively involved. This is because coffee and all its caffeine provide you with an often much needed dose of energy. Even more than this, coffee has even been shown to decrease your risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia (of which there are now more than one hundred currently identified and diagnosed) by as much as sixty five percent, but only if you drink at least three cups of coffee in a day. For many people, coffee helps them to sharpen their brains during the work day, keeping them going when they need to be and allowing them to be productive and insightful in their careers, two qualities that are essential in many realms of work.

But for the typical coffee shop to have such success, it is important for said coffee shop to provide the necessary tools to make the perfect cup of coffee. It’s true that up to thirty five percent of all coffee drinkers in the United States take their coffee black, meaning that they put absolutely nothing in it and have no need for stir sticks, but this is far from the norm. In fact, up to sixty five percent of the coffee drinking population add some amount of cream or of sugar – or both – though the amount of each varies considerably from person to person. Having both cream and multiple types of sugar and sugar substitutes on hand is essential for the typical coffee shop, and stir sticks should also be included to help mix everything in and create the perfect blend, the perfect cup to get the day going. After all, the power of even the simplest of cups of coffee is not one that should be underestimated.

Coffee shops around the country have also found success with specialty drinks like espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, and the like. These drinks even make up about thirty percent of sales at the typical coffee shop, an impressive number here in the United States where regular coffee still reigns as king in the minds of the public. However, many people also enjoy their specialty drinks, especially if they find ordinary coffee to not taste particularly good but are still looking for that zip of energy provided from it – or even just some warmth and coziness on a cold fall or winter day – especially during the early morning hours, when many are heading off to work.

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