Planning a Wedding? Make Sure to Plan Your Liquor

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Weddings have been taking place for thousands of years and in almost every culture you can think of, they are celebrations. Families from both sides come together to share in the joy of the lovely couple as they pledge their vows for a lifetime of love together. Every weekend, there are over 44,000 weddings taking place.

Often, the ceremonies are rich in tradition and, in many cases, centered around religious affiliations of one kind or another. In the United States, and in many other countries around the world, the marriage ceremony itself takes some planning, but nothing like the planning that goes into the reception that follows.

In America, planning a wedding and the reception takes a great deal of time. Finding the right caterers, band, flowers, and reception location can sometimes need to be done a year in advance or more. Once you have found the major items, the little details are what can take up so much of your time.

One detail that is not so minor is the type of liquor that you might want to serve at the reception celebration after the service has ended. Many couples have sit-down dinners, many others a buffet, but one thing that a vast majority of brides and grooms have at their party is an open bar. And, here is where things can get tricky. You can expect roughly a quarter of your catering budget to go toward alcohol, so choosing wisely can make sure you please as many guests as possible.

What types of beer, wine, and liquor you decide to serve can keep the party going all night long or have it end after the cake has been cut. When it comes to the types of beer you might want to offer, craft beers are some of the most popular types of beer out there right now. Millennials, in particular, love craft beers. In addition, millennials are drinking a great deal of wine, so much so that they are changing the way types of wine are being made. In 2015 alone, millennials drank approximately 159.6 million cases. That’s almost half of the win in the United States.

If you want to have a successful wedding reception, it is highly recommended that you consider an open bar. There are almost 98 million consumers of alcohol in the United States and many of your guests will likely fit into that category. The food might be amazing, the wedding band might be the best you have ever heard, even the location might offer stunning views or atmosphere, but chances are if you do not have the proper liquor or the right types of beer behind the bar, you won’t have the kind of memorable celebration that you have always dreamed of having.

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