Looking For A Reefer Trailer For Sale? Keep These Tips In Mind

Are you looking for a reefer trailer for sale? Does your business need an effective way to transport perishable or temperature controlled goods? Consider that a new or used reefer trailer can do for you.

What Is A Reefer Trailer?

Simply put, a reefer is a trailer that is refrigerated, and not a slang term for marijuana. (In this instance.) These trucks are used to transport time sensitive or perishable goods that need to stay at a certain temperature in order to stay viable. The cooling effect can be achieved 1 of 2 ways.

  • Cryogenic cooling: Frozen carbon dioxide ice is melted to produce a cooling effect.
  • Diesel powered generator cooling: These generators attach to the trailer to provide cooling to the inside container.

Thermo king refrigeration units are one of the more common trailers found on the roads, with diesel cooling be the most commonly found form of refrigeration.

How Does The Cooling Work?

The cooling utilized in these trailers works by drawing a refrigeration agent into a compressor unit, which compresses the gas turning it into a liquid. This newly liquefied gas radiates heat inside the compressor, before being dispersed to a condenser module. The condenser works as a heat exchange, as the heat extends to fins on the tubing, they allow for a larger surface area to cool air drawn in from the outside by a fan system.

The now liquid refrigerant, having lost heat in the condenser is now cooled. It flows into an evaporator though a metering valve. The metering valve is used to control how much of the refrigerant is released into the evaporator, so that it doesn’t over fill and can be released in a stable manner.

Inside of the evaporator the liquid is expanded back into a gaseous state. As this happens heat is absorbed from the surrounding air. Once the gas is under low pressure once again it is drawn into the compressor, and recycled back through the system, allowing for consistent, and uninterrupted cooling.

New or Used?

If you are looking for a reefer trailer for sale, you may be wondering if it’s more beneficial to buy new or used. Some companies will offer “re-new” reefer trailers, which means the trailer is used, but the reefer unit is newly installed. This can be a large benefit as you get the advantage of a new unit without the price of a truly ‘new’ trailer unit.

One of the most significant things to take into consideration when deciding between a new and used unit is the hours of operation. This means an older unit with less operated hours is more desirable than a newer unit with a higher amount of running hours. Many units that have been in frequent use can easily log between 9 and 12,000 hours, but if you can find a used thermo king unit with lower numbers, you should definitely take it into consideration.

Wholesale reefer units are also an option to consider
, however these units tend to sell fast, and you will usually have to pay for delivery or travel to pick up the unit. However, it can save on cost in the long term.


In the United States, there are around 500,000 reefer units currently in use, and if you are looking for a reefer trailer for sale, you are not alone. Understanding how to get the most bang for your buck is as important as understanding how they operate. This is because once you acquire your unit, you want to keep it as well maintained as possible, so that it can serve you for years to come. To begin searching for a quality reefer trailer for sale, check out dealers near you, and don’t hesitate you shop around and ask any questions you need, so that you can get the best deal possible.

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