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There is no question that people in the United States absolutely love to consume peanut butter. However, it is more than likely true that these people are not aware of the health benefits of peanuts and all other kinds of nuts. As the problem of obesity continues to grow in scale, it is very importnat that people are aware of just how many benefits can come from different types of nuts, unrefined peanut oil uses, and peanut flour uses.

A study was conducted in Spain involving a number of 8,500 men and women. These men and women were required to eat nuts at least two times per week while others did not eat nuts ever. This study revealed that the people who consumed these nuts were 31% less likely to gain weight as opposed to those who did not. So there is one fact pointing to the health benefits of peanut flour uses.

The research was also recently conducted by nutritionists at Harvard, a prestigious college. This study revealed that two servings of nuts per day are helpful in fighting against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. So there is another benefit of peanut flour uses that can go beyond just the idea of losing weight.

There are other studies that have been conducted surrounding nuts that people eat and how this may improve brain function. Another study conducted at A study out of Loma Linda University in California found that eating pecans increased the antioxidants in the bloodstream in the 24 hours after consumption. So there are benefits of eating other nuts and not just focusing on peanut flour uses as well.

Peanuts and peanut butter account for 67% of all nut consumption in the United States. So again, as previously mentioned peanut butter and peanut flour uses are incredibly popular in the United States. This is good because a one-ounce serving of raw peanuts contains 7.3 grams of protein and 2.4 grams of fiber.

Across the country of the United States, nearly 90% of all households will consume peanut butter on a very regular basis. This is good because it means that there are already plenty of Americans that are consuming these types of foods without even knowing the benefits of it. Consuming peanut flour uses are a great way to stay healthy without having to eat nasty tasting foods!

The National Peanut Board reports that it takes about 540 peanuts to make a 12-ounce jar of peanut butter. Runner peanuts are the most commonly grown peanuts in the U.S., representing more than 75% of the U.S. peanut crop. As of 2013, U.S. peanut farmers exported more than 350,000 metric tons of peanuts, according to data from the USDA.

In Conclusion

If you want to stay healthy without having to go vegetarian or vegan fully then you should think about the peanut flour uses. Eating these types of foods and other kinds of nuts will allow for you to have some room for error within the rest of your diet. Furthermore, you can even consume meats and such while balancing out the poor nutritional value of these foods by simply consuming white chia seeds and other nuts.

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