Avoid a Bad Wedding Cake Experience With These Three Tips

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“It is such a happiness when good people get together– and they always do,” Jane Austen once wrote. If you’re starting the formidable task of planning a wedding, it’s worth remembering that you’ve already gotten the hard part out of the way — you’ve found that special someone! Although planning can be stressful, it’s worth remembering that people are there to celebrate you, not the complementary shades of tablecloth or the perfectly arranged centerpieces.

One fun part of wedding planning is getting the cake. Custom made cakes are fairly standard for weddings these days — since the cakes are large and personalized, you probably don’t want to buy them at the grocery store. That said, there’s more to buying a cake than just picking a shop at random and calling in an order. Here are three tips for making sure you get the cake of your wedding day dreams.

1. Research Wedding Cake Shops Before Placing an Order

Sometimes it’s tempting to think that money will automatically translate into quality. However, you could end up paying big bucks for a sub-par cake if you’re not careful. Look for a bakery that has a great local reputation, and ask to see examples of previous cakes they’ve constructed. Even the best bakeries usually have styles they specialize in, and it might not match up to what you prefer.

2. Trying to Cut Corners Will Lead to a Sloppy Cake

Custom wedding cakes cost about $450 on average. If you want a cheaper cake, the price is largely a reflection of the time spent constructing and detailing the cake. The more simple and small the cake, the more affordable the price. Square wedding cakes can help save money because they’re easier to cut, and get a larger number of servings per tier.

There are many ways you should not try and cut down your cake price. Don’t pick up the cake yourself — there are dozens of horror stories online about groomsmen or bridesmaids accidentally dumping cakes, or putting them in a car with a hungry dog. Similarly, don’t hire a friend to make your cake and expect the same results. They might make it look easy on cake shows, but wedding cake making is a skill honed by years of experience.

3. Unique Wedding Cakes That Aren’t Too Wacky

Are you looking for a cake that’s not so tedious as the old flowers-and-cake-topper recipe, but not so crazy as a treasure chest complete with sea creatures? There are many trendy options right now for unique wedding cakes that are distinctive yet classy at the same time. Many couples are choosing to match their cakes with the color scheme of the wedding reception, match the bride’s dress to the cake (think gorgeous ruffle detailing), or matching to pieces of heirloom jewelry.

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