Are You Using Paper Plates for Your Holiday Celebration This Year?

It seems like a bit of a Christmas miracle.

For the first time in your 30 years of marriage you are hosting your husband’s entire family for Christmas. You keep saying that you will believe it when you see it, but for the first time your mother in law and her husband, as well as your two brother in laws and their families are driving the two hours to your home. Scheduled for the Sunday before Christmas, your two daughters are more excited to be the hosting family. Your husband has purchases individual hot soup containers, white disposable coffee cups, and all of the necessary paper products for easy clean up.
You have planned to make reuben soup, chili, and a vegetable stew. One of the families is bringing a large sandwich that will serve the crowd, and everyone is bring a dessert or appetizer to share. In the past, the family Christmas celebration was always hosted at Grandma’s house. About five years ago, one your husband’s brothers started hosting, but for all of those years the celebration was held in the hometown where most of you have grown up. As more and more people in the family have started making their way two hours east to live in the big city, however, you have often joked that the Christmas gathering needed to move as well.

At this year’s Thanksgiving gathering, the decision to move the Christmas event. You certainly hope that nothing changes. Otherwise you will be eating and drinking everything for the next few months out or white disposable coffee cups and soup container bowls!
Are You Looking for Some Quick Clean Up Plans for Your Family or Office Christmas Party?

Fine china and holiday dinner sets are great if you are serving a small number of people. If, however, you are hosting a big crowd this Christmas or New Year, it makes sense to use something easier. From white disposable coffee cups to other heavy duty paper products, there are many ways for your gathering to be both convenient and festive.
Even when it is not the holiday season, there are many times when paper products are a great way to serve family, friends, guests, and co workers. From an onsite coffee shop at work to a local restaurant that brings in their famous soups twice a week to a high school faculty lounge, finding a way to serve efficiently and effectively is always key. The latest research indicates that Americans eat more than 10 billion bowls of soup each year and that as many as 30% of the population drinks coffee occasionally. Who would want to do all of those dishes?

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