10 Reasons to Support Farmers Markets

10 Reasons to Support Farmers Markets

Farmers are the producers of good food and they are the people who take serious note of your health and wealth. Inevitably, there are plenty of reasons to support them but we bring 10 main reasons to rub their shoulders.

1.Taste Real Flavors:
Farmers bring tasty, fresh and delicious fruits right after their cultivation. There is no cost charged for shipping, cleaning, and packing. All the foods being purchased from farmers markets are fresh and health friendly.

2.Enjoy the Season:
Farmers markets are not like super markets from where stored or frozen food is generally purchased. Farmers cannot sell unseasoned vegetables and fruits. They always bring those groceries that have been freshly produced. Hence, you can enjoy seasoned foods from the farmers markets.

3.Support Family Farmers:
In this era of inflation, it is necessary to help the families of farmers by directly purchasing foods from their markets. It has been researched that the ratio of farmer’s sale is quite low in the United States and most of the people waste their money in super markets by purchasing the costly and unhealthy groceries. Hence, always support farmers through direct or indirect shopping.

4.Protect the Environment:
As you know our environment is full with chemicals and dangerous gases, we always take polluted foods from those super markets that transport the items from more than 40 miles. In farmers markets there are very rare chances of chemical contamination due to short traveling distance.

5.Nourish Yourself:
It has been recommended that those foods which are sold in super markets are not nourishing. Actually, most of the shop owners use different chemicals, pests, genetic modifications, and hormones to increase their profits and sale duration. On the other hand, all the foods in farmers markets are fresh and healthy. And, they are not subjected to any modification.

6.Discover the Spice of Life: Variety
The variety you see in the farmers markets can hardly be found in super markets. The variety includes stinging nettles, green garlic, red carrots, a rainbow of heirloom tomatoes, purple cauliflower, watermelon radishes, , maitake mushrooms ,quail eggs, and much more.

7.Promote Humane Treatment of Animals:
The animal farming can only be found in the farmers markets. They bring all naturally laid eggs, meat, cheese and milk. They do not mix any chemical or use injections to get more and more production.

8.Know Where Your Food Comes From:
In super markets you do not come in interaction with the shop owners. You shop like robots and do not know from where your foods come. On the other hand, when you shop from farmers markets, you are informed about the seasoned products and learn how the foods are grown. This helps you to understand the basics of agricultural economy.

9.Learn Cooking Tips, Recipes, and Meal Ideas:
Most of the grocery store owners do not know about cooking and recipes. They may not be able to address your basic queries of certain foods. But, in the farmers markets, you interact with those people who are not only sellers but also good chefs. This offers you a good opportunity to learn different piece of advices while shopping.

10.Connect with Your Community:
Shopping from the farmers markets offers you the opportunity to interact with your friends, family members, relatives and colleagues. It is the best way to develop strong relationships during the course of shopping. Besides, if you are consistent shopper of a farmer, he would give you different discounts on different foods.

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