Which Alcohol Can I Give As A Christmas Gift?

The holidays are coming up fast and it is time to start thinking about everyone on your Christmas list. Have you thought about giving the gift of a great alcoholic beverage before but decided not to because you had no idea how to select the right one? People can be fussy but a gift is a gift and it will be appreciated no matter what you get. For the most part people will be happy you just remembered to get them something. So how do you go about choosing the right wine, beer or spirits for gift giving?

Think about who you are buying for. If your buying booze for a college student your best bet is to get them some hand crafted local beer. Millions of breweries have begun creating new and creative mixtures with their hops to bring unique flavors you can’t find anywhere. 12% of the beer industry is created by small craft breweries. Most college students won’t have a true appreciation for that distinct dark red wine you had at your last cocktail party so keep it fun and simple. If all else fails get them a selection of spirits with mixes and tell them their next party is on you.

Buying for the more sophisticated bunch like older family, friends, and relatives that have been drinking for years and appreciate the sip and savour attitude is where you should add a touch of class. Take a sampling at your local winery to discover what types of wines go best with which foods or simply do some reading. If you are able to select a fine wine and food pairing you can give that perfect combination to your wine lovers on your list. You can choose local wines from around town or even create your own at home using a wine kit. Whichever you choose will be truly appreciated by those you present it to. Wine and spirits can be accompanied with a home cooked dinner for a real personal treat.

Buying local beer for the men on your list is probably the best and simplest way to go. If your unsure of what they like try to reach out to those close to them to give you an idea of what to buy. There is no wrong way to give a gift but it is always a terrible feeling when you give someone something and can tell they don’t actually like it. In the end it won’t make a difference because the thought was there and you did your part. They can always re-gift it if it something they don’t appreciate.

For those on your list who are unable to enjoy the luxuries of an alcoholic beverage around the holidays you can always buy non alcoholic beer. Many local beer companies have decided to make a non alcoholic beer for people who want to sit back and have a drink with their friends without falling off the wagon or jeopardizing their health. It is a great way for everyone to enjoy time together without feeling left out and they still get the full flavor of the tasty local brew.

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