What Everyone Should Know About Custom Meat Processing

There is a lot more to custom meat processing than most people know. You just don’t get your beef custom cut when you process it at a reliable meat packing plant. You get the best quality of meat cuts where no fillers or additives are added to make the beef look or taste better. Let’s look at a few things meat processing plants do besides providing you with custom meat cuts.

Custom meat processing involves cutting your beef according to your preferred size and thickness.

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It also involves ag the beef to make it tender. It takes about 14 to 21 days for the muscle tissues to break down. The meat cuts are then wrapped with a double layer of butcher paper to separate the partially frozen and the frozen cuts. This separation eases your cooking process and prevents meat poisoning.

Each package is labeled with the owner’s name and the date when the meat was packaged. Custom meat processing plants also double grind your ground meat for a fine texture. Your meat is also frozen as soon as it’s slaughtered to lock in the freshness of the beef. Watch the video linked above for a step-by-step guide on how carcass is processed into meat cuts.

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