How To Go From A Wine Novice To A Wine Expert

There’s hardly a doubt that Americans love drinking wine. With so many choices and so many wineries—more than 7,700 across the United States—it’s not hard for wine lovers to find the perfect wine to pair with a special meal or the perfect wine to sip on the back porch on a hot summer day.

For wine lovers and wine novices, it’s never been easier to get ahold of wine. Do a quick Internet search for “wine online” an instantly hundreds, if not thousands of results will pop up for you to choose from and plenty of online wine sales.

If you’re considered the “rookie” among your group of wine-loving friends, don’t be put off. If you’ve finally decided to see what’s so great about wine, there are any number of places to get wine online if you don’t want to buy it in-person.

But before you go and look into online wine deals, you should know there are many great health benefits to enjoying a glass of wine. In fact, wine can help you fight cancer, fight colds, control your blood sugar, lose weight, keep your heart healthy and even give your brain a boost.

As you can see, drinking wine has many positive health benefits. So now that you’re ready to get to wine tasting here are some tips to help you on your journey:

  • Get good tools: If you’re going to spend time buying wine online and getting it shipped to your home, you’ll want to enjoy it correctly when it arrives. Make sure to have a good wine opener on hand, some good stemware and some wine sleeves, which you can put in a freezer to help keep wine cool.
  • Store wine correctly: Once you get better versed in online wine sites and finding wine deals online, you’ll want to make sure you store correctly the wines you order. You want to keep wine in a cool, dark spot and do everything you can to keep it away from heat.
  • Find deals: If you don’t now much about wine, the best thing you can do is do some searching for “wine online” and just delve into different sites. Not only do many of the sites that offer wine online offer plenty of different wine deals, but they also offer information. This way you can find wines you like across the price spectrum and also get some useful information. Many online wine shops offer suggestions on what wines pair with different foods, what wines make for good after-dinner wines, etc.
  • Don’t forget about base wines: It may seem daunting at first, but as you become more and more knowledgeable about wines, you’re going to find wines you like, perhaps even wines that you want to have on hand all the time. When that becomes the case, it’s a good idea to have a few bottles of your favorite wine or wines on hand for dinners or special occasions. Keep in mind that these “base wines” shouldn’t be the most expensive choices you can get, but don’t fret because there are plenty of cheap wine online you can buy and enjoy more often.
  • Keep some notes: A helpful tip for expanding your knowledge and enjoyment of wine is to keep a journal on hand to take some notes. This way you can list the dates you tried specific wines, what the vintage is, where they were produced, how much they were and what your impressions of the overall taste were. Think of this as a memory book you can go to for reference if you’re trying to remember what different different wines you’ve tasted and which ones you might want to try again.
  • Go to a wine tasting: An easy way to expand your enjoyment of wine is to go to a wine tasting party. Here you’ll be able to try different kinds of mine and get a better handle on what flavors or types of wine you enjoy.

Drinking wine (in moderation of course) can be a very enjoyable experience. If you’re a wine novice, you can find enjoyment in it and get up to speed quickly by reading up and trying new wines when you can to ultimately find the ones you enjoy most.

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