Hot Coffee One of The Worlds Biggest Industries

There are two types of coffee that are primarily consumed by people across the globe. These two types include Arabica and Robusta and a good portion of coffee that is used in the specialty industry is Arabica. Therefore, Robusta is the most common form of pure hot coffee that people consume.

Two drinks are more popular than any other in the United States and those are alcohol and coffee. Now, obviously, these two kinds of drinks have completely different kinds of context and consumption rates. However, they are without a doubt two of the most consumed type of beverages across the country. Here are three key facts on the hot coffee industry and beverage:

Hot Coffee Is A Great Workplace Addition

Hot coffee is a huge upgrade for any workplace for two primary reasons: people love coffee and it can provide legitimate mental and health benefits. First of all, some new data suggests that the American coffee drinker will consume, on average, nearly 1.6 cups of coffee each day. Therefore, if someone drinks coffee at home then they are still likely to have one cup or more at work. This will help employees feel valued they used a wooden stir stick to stir up their white paper coffee cups!

A recent poll has revealed that almost 30% of the population drinks coffee occasionally. While you may not think this is a lot at first, do not be fooled. Outside of alcohol and water, there are not a lot of beverages consumed at this rate. Furthermore, 5% of all coffee is consumed with other meals, 30% os consumed between meals, and nearly 65% of all coffee is consumed within the span of breakfast hours.

A study was conducted in regards to Alzheimer’s or dementia and coffee. This study managed to reveal that anywhere between 3 to 5 cups of coffee will help prevent a serious decline in cognitive skills that can come along with aging. Therefore, this can lead to a 65% decrease in them developing either of these potential diseases.

Hot Coffee Shops Are Generating A Lot Of Revenue

Hot coffee is such a big deal that people have begun to figure out what kind of specific touches they want to their coffee. On average, the usual coffee cup size will be about 9 oz. However, this does not matter as much as what people like to do with their coffee right before it is ready for consumption.

A recent survey was conducted involving people who drink coffee often and their particular types of the coffee crafting process. This has revealed that just about 65% of all coffee drinkers will prefer to add some sugar or cream to their coffee. In some cases, people will go out of their way to include both sugar and coffee. Furthermore, this study has revealed that nearly 35% of all coffee drinkers will just consume their coffee black without any alterations.

The Popularity of Hot Coffee Has Created Specialty Drinks

Thanks to the popularity of hot coffee, independent coffee shops, and specialty drinks are also super popular. First and foremost, the annual sales of independent coffee shops have managed to reach nearly $12 billion over the past couple of years. Furthermore, the United States coffee market has an estimated retail value of nearly $48 billion dollars and specialty drinks make up nearly 55% of the total value share. As a result, it is easy to understand just how popular these specialty drinks are.

Recent data shows that half of the population will drink cappuccino, latte, espresso, and iced or cold coffees. These are the previously mentioned specialty drinks that Americans really love. As a matter of fact, just about 31% of all sales for independent coffee shops come from espresso-based drinks and the rest of the sales come from hot brewed coffee.

Closing Words On Hot Coffee

There were nearly 27 million bags of coffee imported into the United States in the year 2014. This is equal to nearly one-quarter of global coffee and makes the United States the world’s largest buyer of hot coffee. Therefore, coffee is definitely a super popular drink in the United States!

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