Growing Old with Grace How to Plan for the Inevitable

You wake up in the morning and your hair is thinner, your skin isn’t what it used to be, and don’t even get started on how much your joints hurt. You’re getting old, and quite frankly, it’s not too much fun. Everyone thinks about getting old, but very few know what to expect. Growing old is a scary thing, and unfortunately, it’s something we all do. So why not strive towards growing old with grace?

There are tips and tricks, medications, and potions, all designed with the sole purpose of keeping you young. What postpones the inevitable is that we accept the facts and realize that growing old with grace is something we can all achieve.

Taking the time to realize that growing old with grace is almost always a decision made by everyone. Of course, there are those cases where medical hiccups and setbacks can leave a person at the will of the medical professionals. And even in those cases, keeping spirits up and your mind sharp will keep you young at heart.

Young-at-heart seniors aren’t simply blessed with the gift of youth. People who stay active, maintain a healthy diet, and continue to push their minds will stay as young as their body allows. Making the decision to live a healthy life in your elderly years may give those with a negative outlook on growing old a new purpose.

Below you will find a list of tips on growing old with grace. What you will not find is how to defy science and stay young. It’s time we all embrace old age and do so with a smile on your face. So, let’s get into it.

Tips Keeping Your Mind and Body Sharp

Wrapping your head around the idea of growing old with grace is the first -and sometimes the hardest- step towards growing old with grace. Take comfort in the fact that everyone will eventually grow old. Because of that, there is an incredible amount of support and resources to help you.

While you cannot stop the aging process, there are a few things that you can do every day to help slow things down a little bit and keep your body and mind healthy at the same time. Here are some of the best things you can do daily to keep yourself young in mind, body, and spirit.

Staying active is far and away from the most helpful thing a person can do if they wish to grow old in style and comfort. There’s no substitute for keeping your body moving. Even in your middle-aged years, living a sedentary life will make getting active as a senior that much more difficult.

Staying active doesn’t necessarily mean running ten miles a day, but if you can, more power to you! However, for the rest of us, we need some more realistic options. There are tons of great exercising options for senior citizens who wish to get their heart rate up.

Keeping your body moving can be as simple as going for a mile walk every day. And while that might not sound like a lot to many people, it can help far more than you might think. Walking is a fantastic exercise, so try not to fall into the trap of driving everywhere. If you can walk to where you’re going, you probably should. The majority of people who search for local options will visit a store that is within five miles. In other words, look for options within walking distance, if at all possible, and take advantage of the opportunity to go for a walk whenever possible. Getting in the habit of taking the stairs can also be a great way to stay active.

If you’re looking to get more complicated, and are lucky enough to have a retirement plan and some disposable income, you might want to think about hiring pool builders to install a lap pool. If that’s not your speed, options like pickleball, biking, or even yoga can keep your body young and your mind sharp.

Being social is also an amazing way to keep your mind young. Social interaction makes us feel like we are still a part of a larger group of people, and that can do wonders for one’s mental health.

While staying social can be very hard as we age, it is important to make an effort to do so. Even tiny things can go a long way as far as your mental health is concerned. Simple things like making a habit of going the hair salon a few times a month, attending events at the nearest senior center, or even making friends with the mailman. Those small, daily, and weekly interactions can make you feel young again. Plus, then no one will think of you as the cranky old person across the street.

Another great way to stay socially active is through a senior living facility. We all know that elderly care gets a bad rap. However, if you already have mobility or health issues, it can be the best and most healthy option. Senior living facilities also offer the opportunity to be surrounded by people going through the aging process. There’s no need to get old alone, and you’d be surprised how much fun they have over at the old folks’ home.

Find a hobby, even if it’s something you’ve never done before. It might be better to choose something you’re completely unfamiliar with. It will heighten the chances of you meeting someone you would never have otherwise.

Your hobby can really be anything under the sun. Maybe you will find your passion for refurbishing or collecting handmade Adirondack chairs. Maybe you will find a love for antique trading. Whatever hobby you’ve been thinking of picking up your whole life, now is the time to give it a shot.

How to Keep Your Bases Covered

Unfortunately, growing old with grace is not a one-person job. Certain affairs must be in order in the case of an emergency, doctors who need to be a phone call away, and family members whose support will be vital.

Preparing for an emergency isn’t something that any of us want to do. However, it is a necessary evil that comes alongside growing old with grace.

As we grow older, the likelihood of needing emergency medical care gets dramatically higher. For this reason, an important thing to have established is an emergency care plan. In the event of an accident, you will want to know exactly what doctor to call. You will also want to be working with a doctor who knows your unique medical history. Staying prepared for an emergency will offer you and your family tremendous peace of mind.

As people get older, their bones get weaker. Some people are blessed with naturally high calcium and bone density; the rest need to supplement them. It is a good idea to get yourself on a calcium supplement regimen. However, supplements won’t keep you entirely out of risk for a bone fracture. This is why you will want to have a doctor specializing in bone fracture treatment in the event of an accident.

Last but not least on the list of bases to cover in your final will and testament. Whether you are 40 and looking way into the future or you are 65 and want to catch up, establishing a will is important to take care of while you still can. Many middle-aged people have a will already be established. However, if you do not, you will want to write one as soon as possible. Working together with an attorney to draft a will is an easy and helpful task that will offer you and any family you have the peace of mind you need for growing old with grace.

Preparing for Growing Old with Grace

There are a few more habits that you should consider developing if you wish to make the aging process as smooth as humanly possible.

Developing a healthy relationship with your doctor will set you up for success in growing old with grace. Even if you don’t feel that there is anything wrong with you, it might be good to do more than the yearly checkup.

Establishing and maintaining a working relationship with a reliable physician will serve you well down the road. If your doctor knows who you are more than just a name on a chart, they will be better suited to treat you in the case of an emergency.

You will want a reliable doctor on your side when it comes time to deal with some of the inevitable health complications that come along with getting old.

Developing healthy eating habits can keep senior citizens looking, feeling and acting young for much longer than they would have otherwise.

The better your diet is, the better you will feel, it really is as simple as that. If you already have a relatively healthy diet, this should be no problem at all. Lowing your salt, fat, and sugar levels while maintaining a high daily intake of protein will basically set you up for success.

However, if you are a person who has struggled with eating healthy or if you just have naturally high cholesterol or blood pressure, you must take extra precautions. To ensure that you are getting all the nutrients from the food that you need daily, you may have to work with a dietitian. A professional nutrition expert will be able to look at your blood work and see what you need to be getting out of your food. They will work with you to develop a diet plan and eating schedule that works for you and keeps your body feeling young.

Maintaining a regular sleeping schedule is absolutely crucial for as we grow old. When you’re in your twenties and thirties, you can get away with staying up until 2am and wake up at 8am to do it all over again the next day. However, as we grow older, sleeping often becomes more difficult. With this in mind, it is best to establish a regular sleeping schedule.

If you like going to bed at 8pm and waking up at 5am and that works for you, that’s great! Whatever variation of at least 8 hours of rest that works best for you is a perfect option, as long as you stick pretty close to that schedule. Dramatic variations on your typical sleep schedule will leave you feeling unrested and more elderly than you already do.

What to Expect of Yourself

Getting old means you might not be able to do all of the projects and chores around the house that you have grown accustomed to doing yourself. Part of growing old with grace is allowing others to help you when you can’t do something yourself.

Mobility becomes more and more of an issue as we age. If you are lucky enough to still live in your home, it’s important that you can do so comfortably.

Living comfortably in your home is one of the most desirable things for people whose desire is growing old with grace. But it also looks different for everybody.

For those of us who have difficulty moving up and downstairs might want to seek one-story- living options. While that might sound like buying a new home, that isn’t necessarily the case. Many remodeling companies specialize in the living needs of seniors. Seeking out companies who can help your home be more accessible to you is a key to living comfortably in your own home.

Home repair projects may, in fact, be a thing of the past for those of us who wish to age gracefully. It’s important as someone who is getting older to realize the limitations of their age and fragility. For this reason, you will want to hire the professionals for large home improvement projects like a garage door installation, gutter cleaning, or roofing services.

Growing old with grace means that you’re taking care of yourself in every capacity. Everyone will grow old eventually. Rely on these tips to make the transition more manageable.

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