Fun Facts about Your Favorite Frozen Treats

Ice cream shop supplies

If there’s one thing in this world you can nearly guarantee, it’s that almost everybody loves ice cream or an ice cream substitute, such as frozen yogurt. Many ice cream shops are seasonal, leaving people hungry for more in the fall and winter months when their favorite local shops have closed up for the cold time of the year. During this time, when everyone is missing their frozen dessert cups and cones, they rely on the shop supplies inside grocery stores for a taste of a summer treat.

Statistics show that every year, the average American person eats (or drinks) an ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt product 28.5 times. In fact, 40% of Americans eat ice cream within any given two week period, according to research done by the NPD group. Studies even show that approximately 90% of American households enjoy eating frozen treats on a regular basis. The shop supplies, including individual ice cream cups, frozen yogurt supplies, colored spoons and gelato cups delivered to stores throughout the country make it possible for Americans worldwide to enjoy ice cream at all times throughout the year.

Ice cream parlor supplies are in great demand, especially throughout the summer months when an estimated 2,582, a number calculated at the end of 2013, frozen yogurt stores are processing Americans favorite desserts. The most ice cream is produced in June, near the beginning of ice cream’s most popular season. Throughout the entire year in the United States, however, 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and other frozen desserts are produced.

There are some fun facts about ice cream that are not widely known. For example, when producing ice cream each year, approximately 9% of all of the mil produced by U.S. dairy farmers is used in the delicious popular treat. Once the ice cream has gone through the churning process it contains more than 50% air. Gelato, while equally as tasty, is a bit different from ice cream. Different brands contain between 3% and 8% milk fat and 25% to 30% air. The International Ice Cream Association conducted surveys, asking consumers what their favorite flavor of ice cream is, and more than 28% consumers answered vanilla. This makes it easier for many ice cream shops when buying shop supplies, as many flavors of ice cream use vanilla as a base before adding everyone’s other favorite flavors. According to the same source, the top five flavors of ice cream are vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry and chocolate mint.

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