• Why You Shouldn’t Settle for An Average Bar This Weekend

    The weekend always spells out fun and relaxation and what better way to kick things off than at our great bar, picking and choosing from our excellent craft beer list with your buddies. Our historic eatery is also the perfect place to take someone out on a date and show off your knowledge of craft beers, or bond over how you both know absolutely nothing about beer and you’re too embarrassed to ask one of our bartenders questions (don’t, our bartenders love talking about our beer list).

    We have enough beer to satisfy the whole gang. We know that sometimes, you just want a classic beer from one of our taps and sometimes you’re feeling adventurous and want to try a new imported craft beer from our excellent craft beer list selection.

    We don’t just offer excellent craft beer to our guests. We know that all of our customers have different tastes and preferences for food just like they do for beers. For that reason, we have a wide selection of things to eat off of our menu and Continue Reading