• Quick Dinner Ideas are the Key to Lasting Weight Loss

    People today are busier than ever. Between family and work obligations, healthy eating and home cooked meals are often the first to go. People settle for fast food, processed food, and ready to eat options because they take very little time or energy. However, they are also unhealthy, make you feel sluggish, and even more tired, which creates a vicious cycle of unhealthy eating, fatigue, and the inability to feel motivated.

    This type of lifestyle also causes a number of health problems including weight gain, high blood pressure due to the high levels of sodium in processed food, and high cholesterol due to the high levels of fat and calories. Trying to lose weight while on this cycle is virtually impossible. You cannot lose weight while also filling yourself with foods that are overly processed and weighed down with unhealthy fats and carbs.

    Research shows that people are ordering food on a regular basis. Nearly all Americans are eating far more than the recommend amount of Continue Reading