• Dips Save Lives

    Hummus spread recipes

    We know we don’t eat enough vegetables. That’s because they just do not taste good. That’s what it really comes down to, right? However, we need those vegetables. I bet you didn’t know that eating fruit and vegetables at least three times a day instead of just once or not at all is strongly associated with 27% lower chance of stroke, 42% lower chance of stroke mortality and 25% lower CVD mortality. Not just the fruit. Fruit AND vegetables. Vegetables are important to, unfortunately but what if they tasted good? What if, just what if, there was a vegetable out there that you didn’t think of as a vegetable? What if it was so delightful, you could eat it at a tailgating party? I have one word for you: DIPS. That’s right, as in, chips and dip. Dip can be an exhilarating vegetable! We are going to g Continue Reading