• The Difference Between Cajun and Creole

    Cajun and Creole are often considered to be interchangeable descriptors. However, most people would be wrong to do so. Cajun and Creole are actually quite different from one another, since they are two wholly separate cultures.

    Creole culture is bound specifically to New Orleans, deriving from the French colonists in Louisiana. Originally used for both French and Spanish descendants living in Louisiana, it slowly began to involve American-born slaves who came from African descent, as well as those integrated into the society.

    Creole food, at its core, is a combination of all of these cultures combined into one. By taking their European, African and Caribbean influences and melding them into one, the food ends up being one exotic, exquisite tastes and ingredients. Primarily, Creole food tends to have a great deal of variety, most of which comes from the mix of cultures and ingredients available to the Creole of Louisiana.

    Cajun culture, on the other hand, originated f Continue Reading