Americans Eat Three Billion Pounds Of Chocolate Every Year The Eternal Appeal Of Gourmet Candy

Candy holds a special place in our hearts. Doesn’t matter how old or young you are!

It can make for a great reward after doing a chore you’ve been putting off for weeks. It’s certainly a useful motivator for children who don’t want to go to the dentist. One way or another, candy is just as much a tool as it is a tasty treat. Gourmet candy takes things a step further with splashy designs, just as pleasing to look at as they are to eat. Should you have an event or party coming up that calls for some chocolate, you have more than enough to choose from.

Here are five interesting things you might not know about gourmet candy. You might be surprised with what you end up buying!

Americans Consume Some Of The Highest Amounts Of Candy

Before you buy taffy online…what do you know about candy consumption in the United States? You likely have some idea from your own childhood. The average American eats nearly 25 pounds of candy every single year, according to a recent study, and about 50% of that candy comes from popular chocolate bars. In fact, nearly three billion pounds of chocolate are consumed in America annually, adding up to 11 pounds per person on average. What makes chocolate such a consistent choice in today’s vast array of gourmet candy?

Chocolate Is Actually Quite Good For Your Health

You can’t go wrong with chocolate candy. Smooth, creamy, and able to be combined with a nearly endless array of ingredients, this is one staple that won’t fall out of favor anytime soon. Believe it or not, chocolate is actually quite good for you! Dark chocolate is filled to the brim with healthy antioxidants, often paired with dried fruit or nuts for a wholesome snack. It’s the sugar, milk, and fatty ingredients added with chocolate that make it less healthy.

Classic Candies Have Yet To Fall Out Of Favor

You don’t have to go all-out with the most unique gourmet candy (even as one out of four Americans eat candy every day of the week). The classics have stuck around for a reason! Bulk gummy candy is a popular choice for children’s birthday parties due to their squishy texture and bright colors, though you can’t go wrong with gourmet lollipops. Children eat four hard and chewy candies for every one eaten by adults, with adults much preferring chocolate candies above anything else. Keep these tips in mind when shopping around and you’ll only have a recipe for success.

Vary Things Up To Keep Things Fun

If you’re still having a hard time choosing candies…don’t worry! Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. Gourmet candy comes in so many different flavors, shapes, and sizes you’d be hard-pressed to keep track of it all. Americans over the age of 18 consume up to 65% of the candy produced every year. You can add some lollipops to the birthday spread and mix them right alongside some bulk personalized candy for the special person of the day.

Try Some Bulk Candy Orders To Save Money

Need a lot of gourmet candy on only a short time limit? Try a bulk order from a candy store so everyone can get in on the fun. Candy mints in bulk make a good finger food before the main course and look great next to some chewy candy for the little ones. You can buy taffy online, buy Tootsie Rolls online…the sky’s the limit for your next party extravaganza! Make sure to be careful with hard, slippery candies with very young children, as they can potentially choke while playing.

From wedding receptions to birthday parties…gourmet candy is here to stay.

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