A Dash Of Dried Mushrooms Or A Curl Of Gold Leaf Five Beautiful Touch-Ups To Breathe Life Into Your Dish

Cooking should be more than just an obligation. It should be a fun way to reconnect with your tastes and what makes you you!

When your kitchen is languishing in obscurity and you don’t have much to look forward to when figuring out dinner, it’s time to shake some things up. Grab your notepad and a pen and get to writing down a new list for the store. There’s an entire world of garnishes, toppings, and spices you can try to give each evening meal an extra kick. You can try dried mushrooms to sprinkle over a salad. You can even buy 24k gold leaf to celebrate that upcoming anniversary with.

The sky’s the limit! To keep things simple, though, let’s take a look at a few simple touch-ups you can try this week.

Got Fancy? Just Add Some 24k Edible Gold

This can almost seem outlandish. Isn’t it a little bit much adding gold to a dish? When you have a special celebration coming up and you want to go all out…anything less just isn’t an option! Edible gold is a beautiful addition that can really bring out the colors of your dinner or desert, able to be carefully molded and placed like a garnish. Consider pairing it with curls of chocolate or delicately arranged orange peels for a memorable meal your guests won’t soon forget.

Organic Spices Make The World Go ‘Round

Even the dullest plate can be improved with a sprinkle of spices. If you haven’t upgraded your spice cabinet in a while, now’s a good time to jot down a reminder before you make a grocery run. Garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika are perfect choices to make your meal more savory. For those that want a punch of spice, make sure to have black pepper, red pepper, and curry on standby. Last, but not least, no meal is complete with a dash of herbs like parsley, oregano, or rosemary.

There’s Nothing Quite Like Gourmet Vanilla Beans

Want a little sweetness without reaching for the sugar? Look no further than delicious, flavorful bulk vanilla beans. Vanilla remains one of the most popular flavors around the world, found in everything from coffee creamer to ice cream. When you have a large meal to attend to, buying in bulk is much cheaper than taking a gamble on a few bottles of vanilla flavor. For those that are low on time, you can order vanilla beans online to arrive at your home ready to go.

Dried Mushrooms For A Splash Of Simple Flavor

Sometimes you want to add more visual appeal and taste variety…but don’t want to go too far in one direction. Dried mushrooms are packed with nutty flavor that’s just light enough to be subtle and just distinct enough to stand out. Sprinkle them over a salad or add them to a noodle dish…whatever your heart desires! Button mushrooms are a popular basic, though you can always try shiitake for something a touch stronger. The goal with cooking isn’t to follow the recipe religiously, but to embrace your natural creativity.

Try A Pinch Of Kosher Or Sea Salt For A Touch-Up

You might find this last one a little strange. Salt is just salt, right? When you try a new kind of salt, however, you’ll be surprised by just how much flavor you can get out of something so simple. Kosher salt is more roughly ground, adding a nice, salty spark to your meat or vegetables you wouldn’t get from the average table salt. Sea salt is becoming pretty popular these days, too, for its heavier flavor and perfect contrast to sweeter dishes.

Cooking is a fun activity that you’ll get better at with practice. See what a few dried mushrooms or edible gold leaf sheets can do to turn your food into art.

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