3 Ways to Enjoy Chocolate

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Chocolate is a world wide addition — the average Brit, Swiss, or German citizen will each eat about 24 pounds of chocolate a year! This is double what an average American will eat, but the United States still accounts for 20% of the world’s chocolate consumption. While there are trends when it comes to this delicious treat (91% of women like chocolate, while 87% of men do), mostly, people are just in love!

Bake With It
From traditional chocolate chip cookies (always a winner), to more complicated chocolate cakes, mousses, and sauces, baking with chocolate is a delight and a total must, even for beginner cooks and bakers. For big, complex chocolate products, it is best to use wholesale chocolate, like unsweetened baking chocolate from a professional chocolate supplier. A certain amount of study might be necessary to learn how to use it correctly — but there are many resources out there to help you, on the internet and in cookbooks.

Just Have a Bar
Ah, yes. The classic chocolate bar. There are many variations which allow you to enjoy chocolate with many other flavors, like peanut butter, almonds, caramel, vanilla, fruits, and more. Or, you can opt for the plain old milk or dark chocolate bar.

Put it in Your Coffee
If you’ve ever been to a Starbucks (which you almost certainly have) then you know how popular putting chocolate in your coffee it, and for good reason. This delicious combination has been a time honored classic for many years now. Get a mocha at your local coffee store, or simply whisk some cocoa powder into your coffee milk at home.

Don’t Be Afraid to Dip
One of the best things about chocolate is its versatility. And one of the best ways to use it is to dip things in it ! Dipping strawberries or other fruit, cookies, cakes, and even ice cream in tempered chocolate is a foolproof way to impress your friends at your next party.

Make sure to get the best dark chocolate and cocoa powder supplier available to supply your bigger projects, and even the littler ones. The quality of your ingredients will determine how great your finished product tastes.

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