• A Look At Alcohol Consumption In The United States

    Alcohol consumption is hugely common all throughout the United States, a statement that is fully backed up by the statistics surrounding the matter. For instance, more than 86% of all people who are of a legal drinking age (having reached or exceeded the age of 21) have tried alcohol at least once, even if they do not consume it on a regular basis. In addition to this, very nearly three quarters of all Millennials (more than 71%, at the very least) say that they consume alcohol regularly. Older generations also consume alcohol, with more than 60% of those who have reached the age of 55 or passed it by stating that they drink alcoholic beverages. Ultimately, there is just no denying the role that alcohol plays in our culture.

    After all, there are many ways to get a hold of alcohol and many times during which alcohol consumption is appropriate. For instance, you might decide to buy a bottle of wine (or a few bottles of wine, for that matter) from online wine sellers when you’re look Continue Reading

  • Mints May Not Be as Popular as Chocolate, But in The Candy Industry There is Much Revenue to Gain

    The candy industry holds a very large economic value in the United States, including candy of all types is very broad, with billions spent on candy annually. American candy consumption is so large that the option of selling candy provides much potential for issues like fundraising for school groups and teams, charities, and professional sports teams. While the professional sales of candy provide billions in revenue, there is much to gain from bulk candy sales so that all of these groups can benefit from re-selling it.

    The American Love for Candy

    So, there is much to consider for the amount of candy eaten annually on average by each American adult. This in total covers about 65% of all the candy produced, whether it is the mints used for fresh breath and mouth refreshing or the chocolate that is known to be the most commonly consumed. Knowing that one person eats about 25 pounds of candy every year, with about half of that being chocolate, there is still much more to be co Continue Reading

  • How To Go From A Wine Novice To A Wine Expert

    There’s hardly a doubt that Americans love drinking wine. With so many choices and so many wineries—more than 7,700 across the United States—it’s not hard for wine lovers to find the perfect wine to pair with a special meal or the perfect wine to sip on the back porch on a hot summer day.

    For wine lovers and wine novices, it’s never been easier to get ahold of wine. Do a quick Internet search for “wine online” an instantly hundreds, if not thousands of results will pop up for you to choose from and plenty of online wine sales.

    If you’re considered the “rookie” among your group of wine-loving friends, don’t be put off. If you’ve finally decided to see what’s so great about wine, there are any number of places to get wine online if you don’t want to buy it in-person.

    But before you go and look into online wine deals, you should know there are many great health benefits to enjoying a glass of wine. In fact, wine can help you fight cancer, fight colds, control your blood s Continue Reading