• Four Tips For Hosting The Perfect Wine Tasting Party

    It’s no secret that Americans love drinking wine. With more than 10,000 kinds of wine grapes available in the world, there’s never a shortage of options for wine drinkers, whether you’re looking for a red wine or white wine to pair with dinner or looking for an after-dinner wine to serve at a party.

    If you’re a wine lover, you probably love it for its taste or the way it pairs with certain foods. That’s certainly more than enough reason to drink it, but there are also plenty of health benefits to having a glass of wine every so often:

    • Lowering your cholesterol
    • Fighting colds
    • Helping fight cancer
    • Giving your brain a boost
    • Helping to control your blood sugar
    • Helping you lose weight
    • Promoting your heart health

    If you love wine and you have friends and family who love wine, one of the best ways you can share in that passion is to have a wine tasting party. With so many folks buying wine online thes Continue Reading