• Ordering Some Fine Wine

    Wine stands as one of the most popular beverages in the world alongside beer, tea, coffee, and plain water. Wine has been made since antiquity and was a staple of the Greeks and Romans, and in fact today’s word “wine” comes from the Latin “vinum.” France and Italy are traditionally the world’s two largest wine producers, having the right climate and terrain to grow grapes needed to make wine. Some French and Italian wineries may be centuries old, and have strong reputations. More recently, the United States joined them as the world’s third major wine-producing country, and California alone makes 90% of American wine. Regardless of where it came from, white wines, red wines, pear wines, and more are always in demand, and today’s young adults love it even more than their parents do. Someone can find local wineries to visit or order some wine online, and they can look up prices for brand names, such as the price of Claret wine. Finding the price of Claret wine or similar brands may help a Continue Reading

  • A Beginners Guide To Drinking Whiskey

    Even if you’re not celebrating a special occasion, a glass of whiskey at a whiskey bar or a bourbon bar can be the perfect capper to a night out with friends. One of the best things about whiskey is that you can drink it straight, drink it over ice or make a delicious cocktail with it.

    What is whiskey you ask? Whiskey is distilled from grain and that grain can vary from corn to barley to rye. If you’re looking to enhance your understanding and knowledge of whiskey, here’s a few pointers to help you get started:

    • Try it neat: If you go to a local whiskey bar, one of the best things you can do to start off is to try your whiskey neat (as in with no ice). Why? By drinking it neat, you’re able to get the full flavor of the whiskey instead of potentially diluting it a little bit with ice. If you find you don’t like the taste of certain whiskeys neat, you can then add ice or some water. As your knowledge of whiskey grows and you (maybe) eventually try some rare w Continue Reading