• How to Be the Best Host this Holiday Season

    Family brunch

    The holiday season is upon us and before we know it, it will be time to plan holiday parties and events. This often means an increase in house guests and attempting to find new and unique ways to entertain them. This guide is your go to for being the perfect host and ensuring that each and every one of your guests have the best holiday trip.

    Offer your guest bedroom

    Hotels are always an option, but many people do not enjoy spending the holidays in a hotel setting. You simply do not get the same feeling of family and the holiday season as you would staying with family. If you have a guest bedroom, offer it to your guests. They will appreciate having their own room and spending every part of the holidays with you. You can further increase their stay by making the guest room as comfortable as p Continue Reading

  • 5 Unique Reception Ideas For Your Winter Wedding

    In need of a party venue

    Spring and summer may be popular wedding months, but lots of couples are embracing the idea of putting a unique twist on their reception with a winter wedding. In many parts of the country, holding a wedding reception outdoors in December may not be an option. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to host a beautiful and memorable reception to celebrate your love and commitment — and dance the night away. You may even find that one of the best places to have a wedding might be right under your nose! All you need is a little creativity. Whether you’re on a quest to find one of the most unique wedding places in your area or you want to use a beloved wedding venue in a brand new way, here are five of the coolest w Continue Reading