• The Nutritional Benefits of Vanilla Beans

    Vanilla Beans are fruit pods that have a pleasant fragrance. They are obtained from tropical Climbing orchid known as Vanilla Planifolia. They have been used for years after Mayans discovered them. This high-value bean is native to the tropical rainforest of Central America. Grade A vanilla beans are more valuable than grade B vanilla beans. The main chemical component of the vanilla beans is vanillin. Other constituents include alcohols, aromatic carbohydrates, caproic acid, phenols, and eugenol.

    A vanilla flowering plant requires a pole to grow. Only three vanilla cultivars have economic value. Vanilla Planifolia beans are the most sought after. Other species include Vanilla tahitiensis and Vanilla Pompona. They are used in various confectioneries worldwide. They are among the most expensive species with a non-pungent aroma.

    Types of Vanilla

    Bourbon Madagascar is the sweetest vanilla bean. It has a sweeter and rich flavor than Mexican and Tahitian. Mexican Continue Reading