• How To Make Your Ice Cream Establishment More Eco-Friendly

    It’s estimated that the average American eats ice cream 28.5 times each year. If you run an ice cream shop, that means there’s a lot of potential for customers to come in and sample your sweet treats. As much as Americans love eating ice cream during the summer, there’s a good chance you’ll get a fair amount of repeat business too.

    If your neighborhood ice cream establishment is packed to the gills during the summer, that likely means you’re going through a lot of inventory. Heck, there are probably many days when it’s all you can do to find extra yogurt cups and colored spoons and containers and ice cream cups.

    There’s certainly nothing wrong with having a successful business with a steady stream of customers, but if your business is a heavy consumer of plastic it can add up over time. Those yogurt cups and plastic spoons and ice cream cups add up to lot of trash and not all of it is recyclable.

    If you’re trying to be more eco-friendly at your ice cream shop, ther Continue Reading